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Essay about shawshank redemption

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Hidden Meaning in The Shawshank Redemption – Earthling Cinema

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Essay about shawshank redemption

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Writing on your own or in a group? A bachelor's thesis is a comprehensive written paper, and you must decide whether you wish to write it on shawshank redemption, your own or in grandparents rights a group (groups of up to about redemption, four persons are allowed). The most important thing to remember when choosing whether to write on your own or in thesis a group is that you should do what is right for you. Essay. There are advantages of writing a bachelor's thesis in a group, because you will have someone to be your partner to discuss and reflect on theories and ideas with. This will usually be a great advantage, because different angles on of body, the thesis will often provide a better result. But a bachelor's thesis requires a lot of work and will often involve many hours spent together in the group and about sometimes compromises.

For this reason, it is important that the group members both work well together and are socially compatible. A good tip is therefore to know the expectations of the person(s) you are writing the steroids thesis statement thesis with, as it is important that everyone in essay about redemption the group agree on the objective of the thesis. You should note that it is not possible to change groups during the thesis process. On you will find information and inspiration on essay shawshank, how to work in study groups. If you are looking for essay language, a writing partner or a member for your bachelor project group, you can sign up for BachelorBuddy in Blackboard. BachelorBuddy is a platform, where you can contact other students who are searching for study partners for their bachelor project on the 6th semester. You log in to Blackboard and about redemption go to 'Courses', where you make a 'Course search' using the course name 'BachelorBuddy'.

You should now be able to subscribe for rights, BachelorBuddy where you can create a 'thread' and make contact with other bachelor students. The topic of the thesis is typically based on an existing real-life problem, that is, an issue within the academic fields of the bachelor’s programme. It may be problems in essay shawshank redemption a given organisation (private or public company, interest group, etc.), an industry or the community. You choose/define the topic for your bachelor's thesis yourself, as long as it stays within the academic frames of your programme. When choosing the topic, you might be inspired by a problem, an essay for your, observation or a phenomenon that you find interesting or by models and theories from courses you have had. It might be helpful to discuss ideas for topic(s) with a possible supervisor for your thesis. Shawshank Redemption. It is a good idea to search for inspiration in the links below: The majority of theses contain an empirical element e.g. by using existing data from databases, questionnaires, interviews, simulations or experiments. This can take the form of a case study based on a specific occurrence or process in an actual company/organisation.

In case you do not want, or do not have the opportunity, to use empirical data, you can do a theoretical thesis, which builds on a theoretical model or a generic problem. Often a theoretical thesis is based on existing literature studies in which a theoretical problem is analysed. This type of thesis is less common than empirical theses. No type of hero essay thesis is superior to others and essay about redemption no topics guarantee a high grade. Irrespective of the topic chosen, the peterson to the use of shawshank relevant theory and literature is fundamental to tragic hero quotes, the thesis. The grade is based solely on whether the topic is thoroughly analysed, the results clearly presented and whether you are able to about shawshank redemption, demonstrate your knowledge of current theories and analyses, competent application of social issue research topics methods as well as independent, critical judgement. Before you register a supervisor and a title for your bachelor's thesis you must contact a potential supervisor who will commit to essay about shawshank, give you supervision within your chosen topic. The registered title will typically be a draft for essay, your problem statement rather than your final problem statement. All supervisors are specialised in each their different field. Below you will find a complete list of supervisors in the individual departments and shawshank their individual fields of expertise.

All supervisors may be contacted through the hero essay links below: Please only contact ONE supervisor at about redemption, a time and await this supervisor's reply before you contact any others. You must register the working title of the thesis and the name of the tragic supervisor no later than 1 December. The registration must be done online by using the registration form (the form is redemption now closed and will be available again for registration after the introduction meeting). If you are unable to find a supervisor as the deadline approaches, you must register your thesis with a working title and description of the project before the deadline. You will then get a supervisor appointed to issue paper topics, you by the department after the deadline. Shawshank. If you are enrolled at Economics and Business Administration, HA and wish to write your bachelor's thesis with a student from Economics and Business Administration, BSc you must be aware that your thesis must be written in English. In addition, you must both do the essay following: 1) In the essay shawshank registration form under 'Comments' you must write that your group is issue research interdisciplinary. 2) Send an email to Gitte Nielsen( or Anne Svendsen ( in which you write that you wish to write an interdisciplinary bachelor's thesis. Please remember to state your names and student numbers ind the email.

You are responsible for your bachelor’s thesis, including the ability to structure your thesis and plan the working process in a suitable way. Therefore, you must be able to argue for all your choices, assumptions and delimitations (problem statement, theories, methods, analyses). The primary task of the supervisor is to shawshank, act as an academic sparring partner, play the devil’s advocate and steroids thesis challenge your work along the way – not to approve of your individual choices and work along the way. At the first supervision meeting, you and your supervisor should also discuss and agree upon how the supervision is to take place subsequently. This includes frequency of meetings, preparation before meetings (typically based on written inputs from you), planned absence by the supervisor (holidays, conferences, etc.) during which supervision is not possible.

Please note that the supervisors are not expected to read or assess the essay about shawshank whole or larger parts of the thesis before it is handed in – but they are expected to read specific parts as part of the ongoing supervision process. Supervisors are not expected to give you indications of the projected outcome (grade) of the thesis – mainly because it is the rights external examiner who has the final say on the grade. However, the supervisor should inform you if your level of ambition or the expected outcome of the thesis is likely to be insufficient for the thesis to get a passing grade. The thesis must feature an executive summary in English (regardless of the language of the rest of the thesis) of 3,000-4,000 characters excl. blanks. About Shawshank. The executive summary is included in the overall evaluation of the thesis, and it must be placed in the beginning of the thesis, before the essay for your crush introduction. The maximum size allowed for the thesis is defined by about the number of characters excluding blanks and dependent on the number of students: 1 student = 110,000 characters excl. blanks 2 students = 154,000 characters excl. blanks 3 students = 187,000 characters excl. Hero Quotes. blanks 4 students = 220,000 characters excl. blanks. All parts of the main thesis (front page, executive summary, list of contents, footnotes, references, bibliography, etc.) count towards this total.

Only the appendices are excluded from this total. Shawshank Redemption. Figures, tables, illustrations etc. inserted as pictures count as 800 characters regardless of their size. This does not include any front page illustrations. There are no minimum limits for the thesis. Social Paper. There are no “+ 10 % rules” for these size limitations, and your supervisor cannot give you permission to write more than the maximum limit. Essay. It is part of the academic qualification that you can organise and brutus adjust the about redemption topics within the size limits.

Therefore exceeding the limit will negatively influence the evaluation of the social thesis. If the thesis was written by a group (two-four students), you DO NOT have to indicate which parts were written by the individual group members. The front page of the thesis must include the following information: Name of student(s) Month and redemption year Name of the department (‘Department of Management’ or ‘Department of Economics and for your Business Economics’, depending on which department your supervisor belongs to). Title of thesis Name of supervisor Number of essay about characters excluding blanks in essay of body the thesis. All BSc(B) students must write their thesis in essay about shawshank English, but for brutus tragic essay quotes, these students and all other students writing their thesis in English, the oral defence can be in Danish, if the supervisor is Danish-speaking and accepts it. There are no formal requirements to about, layout regarding elements such as line spacing, margins, fonts, header or footer – as long as your thesis is readable.

Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively. They must be easily readable/understandable and accompanied by an explanatory note, including a citation if they are referenced from another source. In principle, the notes should allow the tables to be studied and understood independently of the text. However, analyses and interpretations of the essay crush tables and figures must be given in the text. You can enclose appendices where you find it necessary to include extra material such as (but not limited to): Supplementary information about the essay shawshank empirical setting Interview guides, transcriptions of interviews, questionnaires, etc. Reports used as secondary data sources. The thesis is essay evaluated solely on the basis of the contents of the main thesis and therefore the main thesis must be a complete and meaningful document independent of the appendices. If you use interviews as data collection, there are no formal requirements that you transcribe interviews.

However, transcribing interviews will often lead to significantly better analyses of the data. Accurate and comprehensive references/citations are very important because they mark the foundation of your knowledge. Your reader must also be able to use your references to retrieve the sources you use. Direct use of essay about shawshank redemption quotes, paraphrases or directly translations without precise indication of thesis source are perceived as plagiarism. Therefore, quotes, summaries of source material, reproduced or slightly edited figures, tables, etc. have to be accompanied by about shawshank a precise reference to the source. You must use the Harvard Referencing System to indicate your sources to cite your references. This means that you have to write the references in the text and not in topics footnotes. At the end of your assignment (but before possible annexes), you should enclose a comprehensive reference list, which contains all the sources you have referred to in your text (and only those!).

You have to place your sources in essay shawshank redemption alphabetical order by first author's surname. The exact layout of real essay your reference list is up to you. The most important thing is simply that you organized your reference list by the author/year method (Harvard Referencing System) and that your sources on your reference list are complete (author, year, title etc.). If you refer to several sources from the same author, you have to place them in relation to the year of about shawshank redemption publication. Rights Thesis. Do not divide your sources into primary and secondary literature, and do not divide your reference list into different types of sources (eg. books, articles, Internet sources, etc.). A reference management tool can help you organize your sources/references and help you to create the references/citations in your text and generate a comprehensive reference list. Essay Redemption. It will save you a lot of time at the end when you have to create your reference list. Additionally, you can be sure that your reference list is complete and consistently built up. Using the reference tool you are most comfortable with. Harvard Referencing System and reference management tools.

If you use a reference management tool, you can choose a standard (output style), which is based on The Harvard Referencing System (author/year method). For example Chicago 16th, APA 6th, Harvard or the like. On Importance Of Body Language. The important thing is that your references in the text and your reference list are consistent in their structure and that your reference list is extensive. When you contact external parties (organisations or individuals) about a possible cooperation in connection with your thesis, you might need to use a confidentiality agreement between you and the company, which can be found here: Note that your supervisor and the external examiner (censor) both have implicit confidentiality through their jobs. However, some companies might still ask for a confidentiality agreement between AU and the company.

Note: When handing in about shawshank your thesis, you can choose whether it should be ‘open shelf’ (i.e. accessible to others in social issue the future). Choosing ‘closed shelf’ will ensure that only redemption, your supervisor and the external examiner will ever see your thesis. If you have any problems, such as personal or health problems which will affect your ability to complete your thesis, or you have unsolvable problems with fellow students in your group, contact the Student Counsellor’s Office to issue research topics, get information on how to handle this. For any major changes affecting your thesis, please inform your supervisor. In the rare instances of about shawshank redemption problems between you and your supervisor, first try to sort it out with the supervisor by essay mentioning your concerns or issues to the supervisor.

If this is not possible or the problem persists, you should contact the Programme Coordinator at the department where your thesis is registered: Christian Waldstrom at Department of Management (MGMT), Anders Grosen at Department of Economics and essay redemption Business Economics (ECON), It is important that you do not wait until you have handed in your theses or until after the defence to rights, address these issues, as misunderstandings or issues about the supervision process are not grounds for a subsequent complaint about the essay redemption final grade. Cheating and plagiarism is essay on importance a serious offence that can lead to a number of sanctions including exclusion from Aarhus University. If you copy parts of other sources in your thesis, make sure to identify it explicitly as quotes with clear reference. Be aware that self-plagiarism is also plagiarism. If you copy text (verbatim or paraphrasing), ideas or structure from about redemption your own previous assignments you need to identify it explicitly. For all rules regarding plagiarism and to the real questions other forms of cheating refer to the official rules at AU. Handing in the thesis in WISEflow. The bachelor's thesis must be submitted on shawshank redemption, 1 May.

The bachelor’s thesis must only be uploaded in respectively WISEflow and Theses@bss. You are not allowed to hand in a paper copy of the thesis, as it is the uploaded version that is legally binding. When you have handed in the thesis in essay of body WISEflow it will automatically be send to supervisor and external examiner. You will receive an e-mail from WISEflow when it is possible to essay shawshank redemption, upload your thesis. Essay Crush. Deadline for handing in the thesis in WISEflow is 1 May at 14:00. Once you have uploaded your thesis it is redemption not possible to withdraw it.

Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that you upload the correct version. Issue Paper Topics. If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in about shawshank WISEflow as a group, please read and essay crush follow the instructions on how to submit as a group. The thesis including appendixes must be saved as one PDF-file and uploaded under “Paper”. You will receive information regarding upload via BlackBoard. Under the shawshank category “Extra material” you can upload material like movies, sound, programs (Excel, SAS mv.). The extra material does not have to be a pdf-file and language you can hand in more than one file up to a maximum size of 1 GB. If you need to hand in more than 1 GB as extra material you can send this directly to your supervisor on a USB-stick.

You must also send your Bachelor's project by email to studyservice.bss#64; the essay day that you hand in your bachelor project in order for it to be uploaded in Theses@bss. Write Theses-(your studies) in the subject field. Aarhus BSS Study Service will send your Bachelor's project to the AU Library, Aarhus BSS' e-archive for to the real, digital projects. Essay About. Even though your project is confidential, you must send it to studyservice.bss#64; Steroids In Sports. However, your confidential thesis will not be available for reading and/or lending. The department will contact you by e-mail or by Blackboard with information about when your thesis defence will take place (at the latest 6 weeks after it is shawshank handed in). After handing in the bachelor’s thesis, you will receive an e-mail from the department with information about where and when the brutus tragic quotes thesis defence will take place (at the latest eight weeks after it is handed in). The oral defence is an evaluation of each individual student regardless of whether the bachelor’s thesis is defended in a group defence (when two or more students have written the thesis together) or in an individual defence (if you have written the about redemption thesis by yourself).

The oral defence is held with your supervisor and an external examiner. After handing in the bachelor’s thesis, you will receive an e-mail from the department with information about where and when the thesis defence will take place. For Your Crush. The oral exam starts with a presentation of the thesis (approx. 5 min. per thesis). Essay Shawshank Redemption. There are no formal requirements for the initial presentation, but it can profitably be a quick presentation of the purpose and results of the thesis, but it can also be beneficial to use the paper time for selecting one or two areas in the thesis which you want to emphasise, e.g.: A discussion of some of the selections and delimitations which have been made Considerations concerning how the topic could be examined further Correction of essential mistakes, clarifications of unclear parts or pointing out defects in the thesis Relevant additions which have become available after the thesis was handed in shawshank (e.g., from the tragic media, literature, feedback from the case company, etc.).

If you are part of a group, there are no requirements concerning the division of content in about shawshank redemption the first 5 minutes. Thesis. There are no requirements concerning how to make the presentation (poster, cue cards, presentation on your laptop, etc.). Essay Shawshank Redemption. It is not recommended to use a projector for the presentation as this always ends up taking time away from the brutus hero essay presentation. After your presentation, the supervisor and the external examiner will take over with questions and comments as the about basis of a discussion with you about the thesis. Afterwards you will be asked to social research paper, leave the examination room, while your supervisor and co-examiner are deliberating. Then you (or your group) will receive your overall feedback, including your respective grades. The total duration of the oral examination (incl. Redemption. deliberating, grading and feedback) depends on the number of students: 1 student = 45 minutes 2 students = 60 minutes 3 students = 75 minutes 4 students = 90 minutes. The Bachelor’s thesis is assessed by the supervisor and an external examiner based on a overall assessment of the written thesis and language the oral defence according to the Danish 7-point grading scale. About Redemption. The final grade is based on your ability to: Identify and describe the topic of the thesis Provide a precise and essay for your fitting problem statement Argue for all choices made, including theories, methods and source material for essay shawshank redemption, answering the problem statement Write a well-structured thesis with clear arguments, delimitations and concise language Account for the content of the brutus tragic essay thesis and being able to essay about, discuss various elements related to the thesis at the oral defence. If you do not hand in or fail the Bachelor's project in May/June, you can register for the reexamination in September or December. Registration for topics, the reexamination in September or December must take place no later than 1 July.

The deadline for submission of the Bachelor's project at reexamination is 1 September or 1 December. In agreement with your supervisor you can choose to hand in a Bachelor's project within the same topic but with a modified problem statement. Essay About Redemption. Students who do not pass the essay crush reexamination in September or December must register for a new Bachelor's project with a new topic according to the general rules for ordinary exams. You register for the reexam of the Bachelor's project by filling out the web form before 1 July (the reexam web form opens again in the spring semester 2018). It is possible to attend the reexamination only if you have been registered for and thereby used an attempt at the ordinary exam. Aarhus BSS is a broad business school and one of the four faculties at Aarhus University.

With approx. 14,000 full-time students, several thousand part-time students, almost 225 PhD students and more than 500 academic staff members, Aarhus BSS ranks among the largest business schools in Europe. Furthermore, it is the largest business and redemption social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic scope.

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resume vitamin What and how the world is beginning to. learn about the importance of essay “Vitamin D” This is a high-quality, single-channel audio file of the sort Leo normally provides for use with any media player that can handle standard MP3 files. Smallest download, 16kbps, mp3 audio file (7.55 mb) Since we're just talking, 64kbps can be overkill (though it certainly does sound the thesis, best). But if you'd prefer a smaller file, this one is probably all you need. Essay Redemption. Ready-to-Burn, Audio CD Cue/Bin file set (404 mb) Since the audio now easily fits onto a standard audio CD, and since you might wish to share it with non-iPod or mp3 playing people, this ZIP file contains a standard Cue/Bin file set that can be loaded and burned by gre answers to the, most CD burning software, to essay redemption, produce a standard audio CD, making sharing the peterson gre answers real questions, content as easy as possible. Do-It-Yourself, high quality Stereo WAV (404 mb) If you want the podcast content in any other format, this file provides the raw, full-fidelity, stereo WAV file from which all of the foregoing files were created.

It can be packaged or compressed in essay shawshank redemption any way you wish. “Vitamin D” is in quotes here and tragic hero essay above because it is not a vitamin at all — in its active form it is the most powerful steroid hormone in our bodies. Though it is redemption surprisingly crucial to both our developmental and social issue research paper topics ongoing health and well being (as the many clinical studies provided below demonstrate), it is present in essay about it's so-called “active form” in brutus quotes concentrations of only 20 to 50 picograms per liter of human blood (a “picogram” is a trillionth of a gram!) So just a very tiny bit of this stuff goes a long way! When human skin is exposed to shawshank, sufficiently powerful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight, a form of cholesterol contained in our skin (“7-dehydrocholesterol”) is converted into social topics the precursor of about shawshank redemption Vitamin D, called “cholecalciferol”. This is then converted by social paper, our liver into the inactive bulk storage form of about redemption vitamin D that blood tests measure (“25-hydroxyvitamin D”). Although Vitamin D is to the essay present in limited amounts in cod liver oil and some fatty fish (salmon, mackerel and tuna), it is shawshank redemption essentially unavailable in metabolically useful quantities from dietary sources. As we age, our skin gradually loses its youthful cholesterol and its ability to synthesize Vitamin D declines over time. Although it has not been widely studied, some reports indicate that by the age of 50, Vitamin D production has fallen to approximately 50% of essay questions its original rate, and by the age of 65 production will have fallen to just 25% of its original capability. And independent of age, the skin's melanin pigmentation — either from natural genetic racial coloration or tanning adaptation — acts to absorb much of the sun's visible and ultraviolet radiation. Essay About Shawshank Redemption. This skin darkening has the beneficial effect of protecting our skin from UV radiation damage, but at the expense of further reducing the skin's rate and capacity for Vitamin D production. (Melanin is 99.9% efficient in absorbing the energy from ultraviolet light, converting it into harmless heat energy.) “Vitamin D” was misnamed when it was first discovered hundreds of years ago, before we knew where it came from or how it was made.

By definition, it is not a “vitamin” because vitamins are not produced endogenously (internally), they must be obtained exogenously (externally) from dietary food sources. It seems likely that part of the social paper topics, trouble “Vitamin D” has had with capturing. the attention it deserves is due to the fact that, simply by being misnamed a. “vitamin”, it has been lumped in essay about shawshank redemption with all of the other vitamins and nutrients, and thus assumed to essay language, be available in redemption sufficient quantity through our diet. “Vitamin D” isn't even a nutrient! It comes from the sun, not from nutrition. Vitamin D Science has another problem: Vitamin D is very inexpensive and cannot be patented. Large and long, many-year double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials with many participants can easily cost millions of dollars.

But since Vitamin D is on importance of body technically free (just go stand in the sun) or super-inexpensive (about 2.4 cents per day as a dietary supplement), no commercial pharmaceutical company wants to even think about it. Unlike synthetic chemicals to lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, lower high blood pressure or improve sexual performance, no large pharmaceutical company can make money selling vitamin D. And as the studies below demonstrate over and over, maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D throughout a lifetime is both simple and inexpensive. Prospective study after study shows that Vitamin D is apparently highly effective in essay about preventing many of the health problems that big pharmaceutical firms have invested millions of dollars in developing expensive drugs to tragic hero quotes, cure. This puts such companies in the admittedly awkward position of not being big fans of health. Vitamin D inexpensively promotes health. So only University and some hospital affiliated researchers, with comparatively limited budgets, have any interest in exploring the shawshank, health benefits of Vitamin D. And even when they, again and again, demonstrate surprising benefits from maintaining higher levels of vitamin D . who's going to market and peterson real questions sell that information?

Once again, there's no money in it . So, once again, although all of these professionally prepared reports and essay about shawshank redemption studies are freely available for access, download, and printing on the Internet, the general public never knows about is since there's no one running expensive prime-time commercials to sell it. As you read the studies provided below, I predict that you are going to be. amazed and surprised and perhaps finally skeptical. Peterson To The Essay Questions. You're going to wonder “if. this is all true, if this could all be true, why doesn't the public know about it?” We see expensive commercials every night during prime time for expensive and patented pharmaceuticals that allow older men to urinate more easily and less often, but we never see any similar advertisements mentioning that study after study has shown that simply (and inexpensively) maintaining sufficient levels of Vitamin D can work to prevent rickets (that's well known) but also 17 types of cancer including pancreatic, colon/rectal, stomach, prostate, lung, breast, bladder, uterine, espousal, kidney, ovarian, multiple myeloma, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, and leukemia, lower blood pressure, improve immune system function (prevents colds and about redemption flu), autoimmune function, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, autism, allergies, preeclampsia, both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis (also well known) depression, muscle and of body bone weakness and generalized pain. Looking at that long list of problems above, you may wonder how something, anything, could possibly “cure” all of about shawshank those very different disease conditions. But that's thinking about Vitamin D backwards.

Vitamin D doesn't “cure” anything. NONE of those things are supposed to go wrong in the first place. So Vitamin D simply allows our bodies to work the language, way they were designed to . . . because our bodies were designed to about shawshank, have much more Vitamin D circulating through them than most indoor-living Westerners do today. The human race evolved, developed and emerged in sub-Saharan equatorial East Africa where, year round without seasons, we received the sunlight we needed everyday for our skin to manufacture all of the rights, Vitamin D hormone we required from our skin's natural cholesterol. When we migrated away from the equator, natural selection quickly eliminated most of the melanin pigmentation from redemption, our skin in grandparents an attempt to compensate for the much weaker levels of UV radiation available for essay redemption making Vitamin D. Brutus Tragic. But then we went indoors and have been inadvertently starving our bodies of Vitamin D ever since. After reading the original medical research studies provided below, I wondered what the popular press had to say about essay about redemption Vitamin D. In Sports Thesis Statement. So I purchased a number of inexpensive books to review.

My favorite from essay about shawshank, among them is this book the hero essay quotes, “Vitamin D Prescription” that I recommend without hesitation. Essay About. It very fairly and accurately recaps and summarizes in non-clinical non-medical language, all of the brutus tragic hero essay, latest original research and essay about redemption findings regarding Vitamin D. Gre Answers To The Questions. If you were to read all of the essay redemption, fundamental research first, as I have, you would recognize it all in this book, but in essay on importance of body much more readily accessible form. If you would like something more readily digestible, or if you want something for essay shawshank redemption a family member or friend, this might be perfect. The book is available from Amazon for essay $14.99 USD at this direct link: Retail Blood Tests. Unfortunately, purchasing your own blood tests is essay shawshank redemption usually rather expensive. If you ask your doctor to thesis, add a few additional tests (like serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D) to your next regular annual test, insurance will likely pay for essay about shawshank redemption the test. But if you don't routinely see a doctor, or if for whatever reason you want to obtain your own tests, it's quite possible to do so. The following are two sources that I know of: Life Extension Foundation — “LEF” offers retail blood testing through their affiliation with LabCorp, a national clinical testing laboratory with facilities everywhere. (There are four near me that I had to choose among.) After purchasing the test(s) online, you receive a packet send via postal mail or faster ways if you prefer.

That is thesis taken to the lab which draws blood and about redemption processes the tests. The results are electronically returned to LEF who makes them available to you online, by eMail, postal mail or fax (in any combination). Here's the link to tragic, Life Extension's Vitamin D (25-hydroxy) test. Since it is (as of this writing) $62.67 for non-members or $47.00 for members, with membership costing $75 per year, if you think you might be taking multiple tests, as I have been during my experiments, joining to get the essay, lower price pays for gre answers to the essay itself pretty quickly. Here's the link to shawshank redemption, all of Life Extension's extensive selection of tests.

Again, since the issue topics, offer substantial discounts to members, becoming one can reduce the cost of even one expensive blood test. Grass Root Health — I recently learned of this site, and their $40 prick your finger at home Vitamin D blood testing kit. Essay About. SO I can't vouch for them in any way, but I wanted to pass on the information in case it might be useful to anyone. extremely high doses daily for many months . Purchasing Vitamin D Supplements. I have been using the web site “ ” for many years and I recommend them without hesitation. An advantage for me is grandparents thesis that they are located close enough that UPS Ground delivery is overnight, but I would use them if they were on the other side of the moon. Their service is about perfect, their web site works well, and — most importantly — their prices are consistently the lowest anywhere. This is the crush, Vitamin D3 I had chosen for my own use, and it's what I had been recommending to others. I have since switched to the Vitamin D from “Healthy Origins” (see below) because it is even less expensive than Now Foods and they are an equally good and trusted supplier.

This Vitamin D3 appeared on the iHerb site in August 2009, right around the time of the Vitamin D podcast. It's label suggests taking one per essay shawshank, day which, frankly, even though it's three times the dosage suggested by the Now Foods label, is not something I would disagree with so long as its users always act responsibly with making sure there are no problems, rare as they might be, with hypercalcemia, which could affect some people who would be genetically sensitive to higher intakes of Vitamin D. PLEASE remember that Vitamin D can definitely be toxic when taken in large doses over of body language an extended period of time. There are so many available potencies and capsule counts of Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 that rather than listing them all, here's a search link of for: “Healthy Origins Vitamin D3” which should give you a page showing all of the essay, many options of gre answers real essay questions 1200, 2400, and 5000 IU Vitamin D3. One last point about iHerb and Now Foods Vitamin D3: While you're browsing the essay about, pages, check out the customer feedback for in sports the 5,000 IU capsules. About Shawshank. It sure looks like people are pleased with the results of taking Vitamin D3. (At the time of this writing, the Healthy Origins D3 was too new to have many feedback postings.)

The YouTube video below is a VERY WORTHWHILE quite fast-paced , 58-minute presentation by Michael Holick, one of the leading Vitamin D researchers. (About 40 minutes into the presentation he gets into peterson real essay questions the many cancer and essay about redemption other preventive aspects of sufficient Vitamin D.) Click the video above to play embedded, or this link for large size: This is the steroids in sports thesis, doctor (MD Psychiatrist) who I mentioned during the podcast as working at the Atascadero State Mental Hospital where he had all of the shawshank redemption, patients on Vitamin D for real its beneficial effects on their emotional state. During that time, an extremely serious influenza (flu) outbreak swept the hospital, causing the quarantining of the wards surrounding his on every side . . . Essay About Shawshank Redemption. while not one of his patients became sick, despite having had ample pre-quarantine contact with the adjoining wards. Today, everyone in the hospital takes vitamin D. Doctor Cannell is also the founder of The Vitamin D Council and, as you can probably tell from the steroids in sports statement, video, he appears to redemption, really know his stuff . Social Issue Research. . . Click the video above to play embedded, or this link for large size: The following YouTube video news blurb, produced by shawshank redemption, “Science Central, Inc.” is just a random bit of further confirmation of the conclusions of the many studies and reviews on the topic, some of which I have described and provided in essay on importance their entirety, as PDFs, below: Click the about redemption, video above to play embedded, or this link for peterson gre answers to the essay large size: It is not my intention to bury you in media. But seeing samples from many different sources helps make the point that the awakening to the Vitamin D problem is happening all over and is not an isolated “crackpot” phenomenon. The following collection of PDF files were gathered from freely available public Internet sources. Nothing was paid for — though some digging was sometimes required to locate a freely downloadable version of an essay about redemption, article that was available only for purchase elsewhere — and all copyrights have been left intact and unchanged.

So you should feel free to print or share anything here with anyone else. Also, the URLs of these documents are stable. They will not be changing or going away for the foreseeable future. U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) on for your Vitamin D.

This provides a good ultra-conservative take on the U.S. government's current official position on Vitamin D as a dietary supplement. While most informed researchers would argue with many points herein, even the government is being forced to about shawshank redemption, acknowledge the role of Vitamin D. Check out the essay for your, section on Cancer. Overview Articles Studies. 2003 - British Journal of Nutrition — 21 pages. This review article provides a brief summary of the metabolism of Vitamin D, followed by a broad overview of the increasing number of roles Vitamin D is essay redemption believed to have on health. Vitamin D Deficiency: 2007 - The New England Journal of Medicine — 16 pages — by Michael F. Holick , M.D., Ph.D. Michael Holick is of body language one of the doctors who is most responsible for shawshank redemption helping raise awareness of need for grandparents thesis more attention on essay about Vitamin D. You will see his work cited throughout these articles and on importance language studies. This review article provides great background on Vitamin D metabolism (with some nice color diagrams) and an overview of the about shawshank, many roles played by the hormone.

Implications for Establishing a New Effective Dietary Intake Recommendation for Vitamin D: 2005 - The Journal of Nutrition — 6 pages — by steroids in sports, Bruce W. Hollis. Bruce Hollis is another name you will often encounter throughout the Vitamin D research literature. This article provides some great background for the discussion of adequate and healthy levels of essay Vitamin D. Vitamin D Supplementation, 25-hydroxy D concentrations and safety: 1999 - The American Journal of CLinical Nutrition — 15 pages — by for your crush, Reinhold Vieth. Reinhold Vieth, and this article, is more than ten years old, but it's one of the about, most influential early papers written. If you're finding yourself fascinated by the topic and wanting to know more, this paper is a terrific source. High Prevalence of Vitamin D Inadequacy and Implications for Health:

2006 - Mayo Clinic Proceedings — 21 pages — by social research, Michael F. Essay Redemption. Holick , M.D., Ph.D. 2004 - American Journal of Clinical Nutrition — 11 pages — by Michael F. Holick , M.D., Ph.D. This article provides additional background about Vitamin D and also discusses the language, widely observed latitudinal variations in diseases believed to be related to Vitamin D deficiency. Clinical Research Epidemiological Studies. 2007 - American Journal of Clinical Nutrition — 6 pages. This 4-year, population-based, double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial showed that the essay about shawshank redemption, relative risk (RR) of grandparents rights all forms of cancer was reduced to 0.232 in women receiving 1100 IU of daily Vitamin D plus calcium compared to the placebo control group. (Please see the study for all details.) Prospective Study of Predictors of Vitamin D Status and Cancer in essay shawshank Men: 2006 - Journal of the National Cancer Institute — 9 pages. This is a statistical study based upon a cohort of gre answers 51,529 medical professionals aged 40-75 in 1986. From their analysis, an increase of essay about redemption 25 nmol/L (which is 10 ng/ml, the more commonly used units) of predicted serum 25-hydroxy Vitamin D, resulted in a 17% reduction in total cancer incidence, a 29% reduction in total cancer mortality, and a 45% reduction in digestive-system cancer mortality. Peterson To The Real Essay Questions. (Please see the study for all details.) Prevalence of about shawshank redemption Cardiovascular Risk Factors Serum Vitamin D Levels in the U.S.: 2007 - Archives of Internal Medicine / American Medical Association — 7 pages.

This study divided 7186 male and 7902 female adults, 20 years or older, into four equal-size groups based upon their measured serum Vitamin D levels. Comparing the lowest serum group (the lowest quartile) to the highest (the highest quartile), those with the lowest serum Vitamin D levels had 1.3 times the occurrence of hypertension (high blood pressure), 1.98 times the occurrence of diabetes mellitus, 2.29 times the occurrence of obesity, and 1.47 times the occurrence of high serum triglyceride levels. For Your Crush. (Please see the study for essay about all details.) 25-Hydroxyvitamin D and Risk of peterson questions Myocardial Infarction in Men: 2008 - Archives of Internal Medicine / American Medical Association — 7 pages. This prospective statistical study examined 18,225 male health professionals aged 40 to 75 years who were free of cardiovascular disease at the time of blood collection. During 10 years of follow-up, 454 men developed nonfatal myocardial infarction (MI, heart attack) or fatal coronary heart disease.

Compared with twice the number of age- and shawshank smoking status-matched control subjects, men deficient in Vitamin D (?15 ng/mL) were 2.42 times more at risk for heart attack than those with sufficient serum Vitamin D (?30 ng/mL). (Please see the study for all details.) Predictors of Vitamin D Status and Cancer Incidence in Men: 2006 - Journal of the National Cancer Institute — 9 pages. This is a report on a “prospective statistical study” meaning that they took an existing medical database of information and analyzed it carefully for statistically significant relationships of a specific nature. In this case, they were examining the relationship, if any, between serum (blood) levels of Vitamin D and incidents of cancer and cancer mortality in peterson to the real essay questions men. What they found was that every increase of 25 nmol/L (that's 10 ug/mL on the scale most often used) of serum Vitamin D was associated with a 17% reduction in total cancer incidence, a 29% reduction in essay about shawshank redemption total cancer mortality, and a 45% reduction in digestive-system cancer mortality. The study concluded, in social topics addition to the above, that the Vitamin D supplementation required to achieve a 25 nmol/L (10 mg/mL) increment in essay about Vitamin D serum levels was approximately 1500 IU/day. (Please see the essay, study for all details.) Low Vitamin D Status Despite Abundant Sun Exposure: 2007 - The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism — 6 pages.

An odd thing that Vitamin D researchers occasionally encounter is surprisingly low serum Vitamin D levels in people having plenty of exposure to the sun. About Redemption. This study examined students of the tragic essay, University of Hawaii and patrons of a Hawaiian skateboard shop who are regularly in the sun. (Please see the study for all details.) From the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. 2009 - Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons — 8 pages — Joel M. Essay Shawshank. Kauffman, Ph.D. This very recent summary report (Summer of grandparents rights thesis 2009) perfectly sums up the case for raising and maintaining higher serum levels of Vitamin D. Essay About Shawshank. Supplementation is used throughout most studies, and statement it works — literal — wonders. of this page are Copyright (c) 2016 Gibson Research Corporation. SpinRite, ShieldsUP, NanoProbe, and any other indicated trademarks are registered trademarks of Gibson. Research Corporation, Laguna Hills, CA, USA.

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So You Want to Equity Crowdfund: A No-B.S. Guide to Crowdfunding Your Business. December 8, 2016 @ 3:00 pm By Amy Wan. Crowdfunding campaigns tend to essay about shawshank look like sexy, overnight successes, but rarely are the successful ones so effortless. What I’m about to say sounds dumb—so dumb that I’m reluctant to have to even say it—but a lot of peterson gre answers essay folks contact me thinking that crowdfunding is essay about redemption, easy, and to the real essay, that strangers basically throw money at you via the internet. Folks, if that were the case, I’d be on a tropical island sipping on a Mai Tai, not writing this article. It doesn’t matter how you plan to raise money—whether via crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capitalists, or even an IPO—money does not rain from the sky. Essay Redemption. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to con you out of money. Raising funds via crowdfunding campaign takes a significant amount of time, resources, and essay, energy. About Shawshank Redemption. If you’re not willing to invest that kind of effort, you probably don’t want to conduct a crowdfunding campaign (or be an entrepreneur, for that matter).

The point of this article is to give you step-by-step guidance as to how to paper topics conduct a successful crowdfunding campaign in a month. If you get nothing else out of this article (or series of articles), there are just a few key points I hope you take away: You don’t have to be a crowdfunding expert. Leave that to the experts. About. Hire experts. Your campaign will only launch as quickly as you work. Spend time on grandparents, marketing. About. Make sure you tell a good story.

All this is going to grandparents take time, money, and effort. This article assume that you already have an operating business (or a very clear idea of about shawshank redemption what your business is going to do) and have some sort of coherent business plan (whether its written down or not) or lean startup canvas or pitch deck. Basically, you should already know what you’re doing. In Sports Thesis Statement. If you don’t, you should take a couple steps back and essay, figure all that out essay on importance, first. You should be designing your business around a business concept, not around a regulatory exemption. Highly-sought-after companies don’t have difficulty raising capital. As a result, many quality companies that conduct a crowdfunding campaign are businesses that have made a strategic or philosophical decision to offer their company to consumers or their local community members in order to create brand evangelists. About Shawshank. Some of the first successful Reg CF issuers, such as Legion M and Youngry, have explained that building consumer engagement and ownership were key to for your crush their overall business missions. Legion M, a fan-owned movie studio that raised $1 million from over 3,000 investors, sees those backers as a guaranteed audience and about redemption, evangelists of future releases from the studio. While some issuers might limit the number of investors they allow—usually by taking the tragic hero essay quotes, commitments with the highest dollar amounts, Legion M’s aim was to take as many investors as possible. As a result, they limited the amount of essay about redemption investment for some larger investors.

Explains Youngry CEO Ash Kumra; “With Regulation Crowdfunding, you’re now asking your core customers, audience members, users—people who believe in your idea—to fund you. Essay Crush. But, instead of just getting some perk or reward, which may become outdated, contributors potentially get an ownership stake in the business. It causes a paradigm shift for the contributor—they begin to think like an owner and will more likely find ways to help the business grow. Case in point—during Youngry’s Regulation Crowdfunding campaign, we did over 20 events. About Shawshank. The majority of those events were actually set up by our own backers because they were invested as owners, and wanted to give us opportunities to talk about our company and essay crush, campaign and, thus, gain more exposure.” (Full disclosure, I am an investor in Youngry, hence my taking the opportunity to mention them in this article). Simple, Technically Inaccurate Definitions (but they’ll do for the purposes of essay about redemption this article): First, let’s introduce a few terms that you’ll need to know to steroids understand this article: Accredited investor: A rich person.

Technically, someone worth more than $1M or who makes more than $200,000 a year. Redemption. Non-accredited investor or retail investor: Anyone who isn’t an accredited investor, or basically someone who isn’t rich. We call this “the crowd.” General Solicitation: SEC lingo for advertising (think Google or Facebook ads, or handing out flyers about your offering at a conference) Issuer: That’s you (the company), the entity trying to grandparents rights thesis raise money. Offering: Your crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding: Raising capital from a group of people you don’t necessarily know, usually via online. How much capital you need? What will you use capital for? These are questions you need to first sit down and figure out.

After all, if you don’t know what you’re using the capital for, why would anyone give you money? How much capital do you need, really? With first time entrepreneurs, the answer I often hear is “as much as possible.” Well, everyone would like to have more money than less, but every dollar your take has its price, either as more ownership you’re giving away (if equity) or more money you may have to about redemption pay back with interest (if debt). In Sports. (People have written entire articles, probably even books, on this subject. Read here and here and here for more.) So really, how much money do you actually need? There is no standard answer, since some businesses require more money than others to redemption start, and every business is in a different stage of growth. For tech companies, you should estimate your expenses for brutus hero essay quotes as long as you think it’ll take to reach your next business “milestone.” For more traditional brick and mortar companies, perhaps you just need enough to essay about shawshank redemption start a restaurant or lease the space for a cross-fit gym. In Sports Thesis Statement. If you can’t figure this number out, you probably need to talk to a business advisor. What will you use capital for? No investor is going to redemption want to rights invest in redemption, a company that is raising money just because they have a vague notion that they need money. Tragic Hero Quotes. They want to know what that money is essay, going to be used for.

Are you planning on steroids thesis statement, hiring 5 new employees in the next 6 months? Are you about to launch a new product and go on a digital marketing blitz? You should be able to write down and justify where all that shiny new money is going. Choose your (crowdfunding) adventure. Once you figure out those first two questions, it’s time to determine how you’d like to essay about redemption crowdfund. Basically, if you’re asking people to give you money and promising some sort of peterson questions return on investment, you probably fall under securities laws. Why? Because the SEC said so (more here if you really want to know why). So, its time to choose you crowdfunding adventure. The first question is, do you have a pre-existing accredited investor network ? You would know if you do. What we’re trying to essay about redemption get at here is whether, without going to the crowd, you’d be able to raise capital using the network of people you already have.

If you do, the next question is whether you need to generally solicit, or advertise, your offering. If you have a network of accredited investors that you’re confident will invest the $100,000 you need, you may not need to use crowdfunding (though you can always do so from a philosophical standpoint). But if you think you wont be able to raise the full amount you need, you may want to advertise your offering to entice new investors that you don’t already know or haven’t worked with previously. If you don’t, ask yourself whether your investors are more likely to be people from your local community (or state)? Certain types of on importance of body language companies may crowdfund better at a local level as opposed to at the national level—particularly brick and mortar businesses, such as local chains, restaurants, etc. Consider this: a few months ago, I was talking with a guy from Queens, NY about the gentrification of his neighborhood.

He remarked that there were certain aspects of it that he appreciated. “We didn’t have any nice coffee shops or even a Thai restaurant in shawshank, our community,” he explained. Steroids In Sports Thesis. “We had to travel to the next borough just to get Thai. Essay About Redemption. When a Thai restaurant opened up in our neighborhood, I was so happy.” A Thai restaurant in and of itself is not a novel, groundbreaking business idea, but if the local community sees the need, they may have unique insight as to why the offering is so attractive. Gre Answers To The Real Essay Questions. That’s not to essay about shawshank redemption say that you can’t crowdfund nationally anyway, but it’s always something to consider, especially if most of your marketing dollars will be spent locally and social research paper topics, most of shawshank your investors are local. There are also certain cases in social research paper, which you just don’t need to about redemption crowdfund at a national level. For example, one of social issue my favorite regulations is the about redemption, California permit offering.

It allows you to raise unlimited funds from grandparents rights thesis, retail investors using general solicitation, so long as all your investors reside in essay, California and thesis, the money stays in California. If you do decide that you’d prefer to raise capital on a national basis, the next question is essay shawshank redemption, how much do you need to raise? If you need raise less than $1M in peterson to the essay questions, the next 12 months, you can consider Regulation Crowdfunding. (However, if you need a bit more than $1M, you could technically do a simultaneous Reg CF and Rule 506(c) offering.) If you need to raise between $1-5M, you might consider a Rule 504 offering; and for raises between $5M-50M, you could consider a Reg A+ offering. Keep in mind that this decision tree is highly simplified. We’re trying to give you an idea of what your strategy should be, and what options are open to you.

Next week, we’ll take steps to make sure the strategy you’ve chosen aligns with your goals. Decide how much capital you need to about raise Write down exactly what that capital is going to steroids thesis used for shawshank redemption Use the decision tree to better understand the crowdfunding strategy you might employ. Week 2: Reach out to Vendors. No entrepreneur can be the expert at everything. That’s why you hire experts. Depending on grandparents rights thesis, what exemption you think you’ll use, you’ll be reaching out to a number of about different vendors. I should note that I think its extremely valuable to hire vendors who specialize in crowdfunding, as opposed to generalist accountants or attorneys. Specialists tends to real know the rules inside out redemption, (and know that the rules actually exist) and rights thesis, will be able to get things done faster, whereas generalists will have to research and learn something they’ve probably never heard of before. Hire an attorney.

I’m obviously partial, but I think it helps to start with an about shawshank redemption attorney. You should look for one who spends a lot of brutus hero quotes their time on crowdfunding (otherwise you might get a technology-phobic traditional securities lawyer who doesn’t even know that crowdfunding is legal). Schedule a short consultation. They will likely grill you with many questions, but at the end of it, they should be able to recommend a clear path to action under a specific regulatory exemption, and redemption, can refer you to others as necessary. Hire a funding platform (as necessary)

If the attorney recommended using Reg CF, you will be required to raise funds through a FINRA-approved funding portal. Every funding portal is different—some specialize in debt, others in women-owned businesses or patents, some do due diligence and others merely list every company that comes their way. Social Issue. They also vary in how much they charge, which is typically 4-10% of capital raised, either in cash or securities. And lastly, each platform varies in services that they provide—for example, some offer advertising budgets or services, are able to make strategic introductions, cover certain expenses, or provide template documents to reduce certain costs. If you are not using Reg CF but are using an essay about redemption exemption with general solicitation (506(c), A+), you can still list your offering on a crowdfunding platform to gain access to their email listserve.

Not every crowdfunding platform lists every type of offering. Hire someone to do your financial statements. If you will be using Reg CF or Reg A+, those regulatory exemptions require an thesis independent accountant or independent auditor to prepare your financial statements. They will, accordingly, ask what exemption you’ll be raising funds under, and how much you’re looking to raise. Depending on essay redemption, your answers to these questions, they must prepare financial statements in different ways.

The process could take as little as a few days (for a new company raising little under Reg CF) to a few weeks (if a company that have been operating several longer period of issue paper time and requiring a full audit under Reg A+). Also, ask whether your financial professional is licensed to prepare financial statements in the state where your company is organized. A quick note: if you’re doing a Reg CF campaign, I’d recommend getting accepted by a FINRA-registered funding portal first. About. Many portals conduct intense due diligence on issuers and rights thesis, decline over shawshank redemption, 95% of applications received. If you’re not accepted by any portals, there’s no point in contacting a financial professional.

So you’ve talked to an attorney and maybe a funding portal. They’ve told you what regulatory exemption you should be using to raise funds. Now it’s time to understand what that exemption allows you to do, what you’re not allowed to do, the overall process, and estimated costs. Essay For Your Crush. Skip down to the section that addresses the exemption you’ll be using. Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) became effective on May 16, 2016 and essay about redemption, has raised some $15 million in its first seven months. As of the date of writing, Reg CF allows issuers to raise up to $1 million every 12 months from tragic quotes, retail investors, though it contains several restrictions: All offerings much be conducted through a registered funding portal; Although general solicitation is allowed, any advertising done off-portal is largely restricted to ‘tombstone advertising’; Offerings may require reviewed or GAAP-compliant financial statements; and You will be required to file an about annual report. Investors may be limited in how much they can invest. Timeline: Very fast.

You can begin raising funds very quickly. Cost: $3000-10,000, excluding funding portal fees and discretionary marketing spend. Brutus Tragic Hero Essay Quotes. At the very minimum, you will need an independent accountant or auditor and shawshank redemption, attorney. Costs will vary as different funding portals offer different ranges of services. Title II/ Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. Title II of the JOBS Act (also known as Rule 506(c)), became effective on September 23, 2013 and legalized accredited crowdfunding. On Importance Of Body Language. Before Title II, issuers could not generally solicit their securities offerings, and were required to have a “substantial and essay shawshank redemption, pre-existing relationship” with accredited investors. Today, this is known as a Rule 506(b) offering.

With the advent of Rule 506(c), issuers can raise as much as they’d like and can generally solicit investors, but must take “reasonable steps” to verify the accredited status of those investors. Cost: Depends on how much your attorney charges you to draft the tragic hero essay quotes, PPM and on the complexity of essay about shawshank redemption your offering. I’ve seen a range from in sports, $15,000 to well in essay redemption, excess of to the real essay questions $100,000. Title IV of the JOBS Act became effective on June 19, 2015, and provided amendments to the old and rarely used Regulation A (sometimes called “Reg A+”), which allows non-accredited investors to participate in essay shawshank redemption, a company’s “mini-IPO.” Whereas the old regulation only allowed issuers to rights raise a maximum of $5 million per about shawshank, year and rights, required a long and grueling process, the essay redemption, amended regulation raises the essay on importance language, funding cap to about redemption $50 million every 12 months, and has a much more streamlined process. Retail investors can invest You can raise up to $50M. Investors are limited to hero annual investments totaling 10% of the about shawshank, investor’s income or net worth (whichever is more).

Reg A+ contains certain reporting requirements, although at a significantly lower threshold than a public company. For Tier I offerings (below $20 million), issuers must undergo coordinated review from steroids thesis statement, state regulators (which is painful); Tier II offerings (above $20 million) have more reporting requirements, but issuers need only obtain approval with the SEC, and the states. Requires SEC qualification. Timeline: 4-6 months. Cost: Attorney fees tend to fall in the range of $50,000-$125,000, though some have reached as much as $500,000.

Auditors start at $5,000, and may go up depending on the number of years the about, company has been operational. Marketing firms recommend a minimum spend of $100,000 or 10% of the total amount of gre answers to the real essay capital you plan to raise. Week 2 Homework: Consult an attorney to figure out which regulation you want to essay about redemption crowdfund under. Apply to brutus hero essay quotes funding portals (Required for Reg CF, optional for other exemptions) Engage an accountant/auditor, as necessary.

By now, you’ve hopefully talked to an attorney (and maybe a funding portal and accountant/auditor if you need to) and have a plan of essay redemption action on how you’re going to move forward. So, it’s time to get organized. Two quick things to social issue research topics note before I move on. First, the rest of this article is primarily geared towards those doing Regulation Crowdfunding campaigns. Those doing Regulation A+ campaigns tend will have an extended timeline and the services needed of vendors will be on a much larger scale, whereas those doing a Rule 506(c) campaign, for example, may not need marketing nearly as much if they’re working with a platform that has built a large accredited investor database. Each regulation functions differently, and you should talk to your service provider about shawshank redemption, what is necessary and appropriate for grandparents rights your particular crowdfunding campaign. Second, the steps below are high level to-dos. Each service provider you engage, for example, will have microtasks for you to about complete, though the process varies with each provider. Crush. As you begin to essay redemption work with each provider, they will tell you exactly what they need from you, and what their process is. Send your attorney all the steroids in sports thesis, documents they’ll need to get started. This will include, at a minimum, your formation documents (certification of incorporation or organization), your bylaws or operating agreement, and any document relating to about redemption previous financing rounds.

Your attorney will have to prepare offering documents. It could be a Form C (Reg CF), PPM or disclosure documents (Reg D), or Form 1-A (Reg A+). All these document essentially ask you to disclose anything an investors should know. Your attorney will also prepare the peterson to the real questions, security instrument, or a document that states what the terms of the essay about shawshank redemption, investment are. One of the most important decisions when undergoing a crowdfunding campaign is choosing the property security instrument and terms. Some popular types of securities are: Debt Note: Companies that are unlikely to undergo a merger/acquisition or go public, and whose values are are not high multiples of their revenue may want to in sports thesis seriously consider raising debt, instead of about shawshank redemption some form of equity. The return to social issue investors could be simple interest over a set period of time (i.e. Essay About Shawshank Redemption. 15% annualized interest over 3 years) or could utilize a revenue-sharing model (10% of revenue over the next 5 years at a 2x cap).

Brick and mortar businesses are more likely to raise debt. Rights Thesis. Equity: Common stock is usually just ordinary stock with few or no special powers or rights. Essay Redemption. Oftentimes, in a liquidation event, common stock holders get paid last, after debt holders and preferred stockholders. Preferred Equity: Preferred stock takes a more senior position in the company’s capital stack over common stock, and usually has more rights attached to it than common stock. For example, preferred stockholders may have more influence or liquidation preference over common stock holders. There may be multiple series of preferred stock, depending on how many rounds of financing the company has undergone. Convertible Note: A convertible note is often the instrument used by startups during their first fundraising event. It basically treats the in sports statement, investment funds as debt, which converts to equity upon a specific event (usually a subsequent equity funding round over a certain dollar amount).

SAFE: A relatively new instrument invented by Y-Combinator, similar to the convertible note, but with simpler, more company-friendly terms, and design to cut down on transactional cost and time spent in negotiations in early stages of funding. There are now several versions of the shawshank, SAFE. Get Your Other Vendors What They Need. Depending on what other vendors you need (some required, others optional under the exemption you decide to use), get your financial professional and funding portal the thesis, things they need. Choose your security instrument and set the terms of the offering Do whatever your vendors are telling you to do (and be responsive to get them what they need) Week 4: Engage a marketing agency. The whole point of about shawshank crowdfunding is the research, ability to essay about shawshank public tell anyone and brutus tragic, everyone about the investment opportunity, so why wouldn’t you take full advantage of essay about shawshank redemption that privilege? Hire a marketing agency. A mentor once instilled in me the mantra that “it takes money to make money.” Why would you spend the time and essay on importance language, money on auditors and lawyers to bring a campaign into essay redemption fruition, only to have the campaign seen by no one? Did you know 90% of Kickstarter campaigns fail to peterson gre answers real reach their funding goal? This is no accident.

Those 90% of campaigns also tend to be the about redemption, same demographic that doesn’t set aside funds to market their campaign. Successful campaigns tend to grandparents rights thesis hire digital marketing agencies whose sole purpose is to shawshank redemption take marketing content and put it in front of folks that are most likely to thesis invest. My point is, if you haven’t figured it out by now, that is most cases, issuers should seriously consider hiring a marketing agency to help promote their campaign. You don’t have to about shawshank listen to me or my unlearned opinion. Just listen to data. While there are several digital marketing agencies out there, I’d recommend choosing a digital advertising agency that knows and understand the crowdfunding space, and can understand your business or product. On one hand, its important for the marketing companies to understand the of body, rules and regulations around what they can and cannot say in the advertisements, and redemption, what marketing strategies they can and social issue, cannot employ given regulatory restrictions. On the other, these agencies have more experience and knowledge of the shawshank, crowdfunding process, product or business positioning, and sometimes have data, algorithms, or testing methods that help them determine the demographic of people most likely to on importance of body invest. Get your marketing assets together.

Even more basic than “hire a marketing agency” is about, “make marketing materials.” That should include: A company logo Short company video Website (for credibility) Social media (Twitter handle, Facebook page) Your marketing agency likely will also help you prepare the paper, designs for digital advertisements and draft press releases. You’ll also need to work with them to essay shawshank redemption ensure that those who see digital advertisements are easily funneled to your campaign page (and from there, hopefully your platform has an crush intuitive, frictionless conversion process). Prepare to hustle.

Encourage your family and friends to invest in your campaign in the first few days after launch. For those uncomfortable with asking family and essay about shawshank, friends to contribute money, I feel you about the feeling of awkwardness, but why would you ask strangers to believe in you when you’re reluctant to ask those who surround you? And be prepared to take every opportunity to promote your campaign. Interview and hire a digital marketing agency Get your marketing assets together (or if they don’t exist, take steps to create them) Is it possible to get a Regulation Crowdfunding offering up and on importance language, launched in less than a month?

Absolutely . I’ve heard of certain issuers who have gotten everything completed in less than two weeks—although these issuers tend to about be super-organized, have basic things (i.e. marketing assets), and have a well-defined plan and goal. It can also take well over crush, a month to get campaigns launched. Essay About Redemption. The timetable, I find, depends entirely on the issuer. Some issuers are super-responsive and can just get it done, while others struggle in getting organized, are reluctant to retain service providers (which pushes out all timelines), and do not commit to the process. Amy Wan , Esq.CIPP/US, is a Senior Contributor to Crowdfund Insider. Amy is of body language, a Partner at Trowbridge Sidoti LLP ( where she practices crowdfunding and essay, syndication law. Formerly, she was General Counsel at Patch of Land, a real estate marketplace lending platform. While there, Amy pioneered the industry’s first payment dependent note that is essay crush, secured pursuant to an indenture trustee and essay, designed to rights thesis be bankruptcy remote, and advised the about, company on grandparents rights, its Series A funding round. In recognition her work at Patch, she was named as a Finalist for the Corporate Counsel of the Year Award 2015 by about shawshank redemption LA Business Journal. Amy also brings extensive experience in legal innovation and rethinking the steroids, delivery of legal services. She is the founder and co-organized of Legal Hackers LA, and was named one of ten women to watch in legal technology by the American Bar Association Journal in essay redemption, 2014.

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An Essay On Romance And Love Essays and Research Papers. The Attraction of Romance Romance : the word the puts the art in heart, the about shawshank word describes the actions that take place to imprint . your name in peterson gre answers to the, a girls head, the word that everyone thinks about when two people are madly in love with one another. The Oxford English Dictionary tells the word came from 1497 from essay shawshank a time when chivalry was the key to love . Essay On Importance Language! In this time, the word meant to be chivalrous, but in modern times to romance someone is to “put your moves on them” to dazzle someone with your personality. English language , French language , Kid Rock 925 Words | 3 Pages. Essays in Love is a novel about two young people, who meet on an airplane between London and essay about redemption, Paris and rapidly fall in in sports thesis statement, . love . The structure of the story isn’t unusual, but what lends the book its interest is the extraordinary depth with which the about shawshank redemption emotions involved in the relationship are analysed. Love comes under the philosophical microscope. An entire chapter is devoted to the nuances and social issue paper topics, subtexts of an initial date.

Another chapter mulls over the question of how and when to say ‘I love you’. There’s. Black-and-white films , Emotion , Family 952 Words | 3 Pages. About! How To Break Up With Someone - Free Essays How To Break Up With Someone Almost everyone will have . to break up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend at some point in on importance language, his or her life. Breaking up is honestly a . | | | | Surf Canyon recommends these Google results: | | | | ? Free Process Essay Essay - Geez (from page 3) essays /82352.htmlApr 5, 2011 – Marcquon Mitchell Process Essay Professor Nigro How to get over a break-up. Human bonding , Interpersonal relationships , Love 645 Words | 3 Pages. Research Paper In English “ Love does not starts and end the way we want it , Love is essay about redemption, a battle , Love is . a war , Love is grandparents, part of growing up.” Love does not start the moment we want it to feel. Love sometimes come in the unexpected time , place , and person. Essay About Redemption! We cannot force ourselves to steroids in sports love the person we want. Love is essay about redemption, a war because every minute or time there will be problems that both of you must face. In every love story there are people that want to destroy your relationship.

The couples. Steroids In Sports Thesis Statement! Friendship , Human sexual behavior , Human sexuality 2013 Words | 6 Pages. Essay About Shawshank! Love Is Diverse Love is like a war, it’s easy to start but very hard to finish. Grandparents Rights! Throughout history there have been so many . different ways to describe it between different cultures because it is shawshank, such a broad subject. There are so many different types of love but I think they all have the same similar meanings.

Whether it’s the love within a sports team, the love that someone could have for themselves or the many varieties of love shown by essay quotes, parents that help raise their children I think there are so. Agape , Father , FIFA World Cup 1405 Words | 3 Pages. Although romantic love exists in all cultures, it is seen as too fragile and irrational to serve as a base for . marriage in most societies, which will be discussed later. In America, however it has become a Cultural norm to marry for about shawshank redemption, love , but America presently has one of the statement highest divorce rates in the World (Kottak 226). What are the essay shawshank redemption possibly different main claims/positions related to this topic?

Some people consider love to be an emotion; a mental state that a rises. Interpersonal relationship , Intimate relationship , Love 1860 Words | 6 Pages. ?Neidalina Ortiz Composition II Instructor Candace Peters Love Write your final draft analysis essay that . evaluates a specific concept (such as love , competition, or fame). Use the guidelines shown in Chapters 5 and 6 to develop your ideas and peterson to the essay questions, shape your essay . You should include 3-5 outside resources in your assignment. Love is essay shawshank redemption, defined as a deep tender, ineffable feeling of rights, affection and solicitude toward a person, such as a rising from kinship, recognition. Affection , Emotion , Friendship 597 Words | 3 Pages. Drives the Romance for redemption, Science in the essay “Uncle Tungsten” by Oliver Sacks Oliver Sacks is steroids in sports thesis, a neurologist who is also known . for being a storyteller ?. Aside from his career, Sacks is a best-selling author having written twelve books up to date, all bringing together science and art ?. One of his earlier pieces is his essay “Uncle Tungsten” which combines passion and the love for science. “Uncle Tungsten” is an essay that shows how passion drives the romance for science, romance being the strong. Awakenings , Carl Wilhelm Scheele , Discovery 874 Words | 3 Pages. Essay About Shawshank Redemption! Love in the Time of Cholera Essay. Love is a powerful emotion that can cause people to paper topics act in abnormal ways. In the essay redemption novel, Love in the Time of Cholera, the main . character Florentino Ariza falls passionately in love with Fermina Daza. Essay Crush! He immediately spends hours composing poetic love letters to Fermina as his entire life becomes dedicated to loving her.

Fermina’s father, who greatly disapproves of the relationship between the shawshank two, decides to take his daughter to travel throughout the Caribbean. After many years of for your crush, separation, when. Character , English-language films , Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1290 Words | 3 Pages. English 151 Chapter 28 Argument Essay - What is Happiness? About Love In the world we live in, there are people who oppose . Essay Shawshank! love and paper, everything that comes with it. And then there are people who are all for it and want it to happen to them. Essay About Shawshank! Being in love with someone is one of the most beautiful, life changing things there is.

Love gives you a completely outlook on life and it makes you realize how precious life really is. As said in on importance language, the beginning of the essay paragraph, love is not for steroids thesis statement, everybody. Everyone. 2002 albums , American films , English-language films 1027 Words | 4 Pages. Twelfth Night Essay . Title: Explore the essay different types of loves represented in Twelfth Night. If you ever wanted to . investigate the different kinds of love there may be in existence, and try to steroids define and understand how different love can be represented, then twelfth seems to be the about shawshank redemption ultimate play. It was written in for your crush, 1623 by William Shakespeare, the characters of twelfth night display various sorts of characteristics and personalities which are the essential ingredients that add to essay shawshank the play. Erotomania , Interpersonal relationship , Love 2194 Words | 5 Pages. The Power of grandparents thesis, Love- Comparitive Essay.

The power of love - Comparative essay In both visual and shawshank, written texts, love operates as a powerful and essay, . inescapable force, which can influence life in various ways. In Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’ love is represented as a forbidden romantic experience which ultimately ends in tragedy. About Shawshank Redemption! Wayne Bennet represents a love of life in tragic hero quotes, his autobiography, ‘Don’t Die With the Music in You’, through the exploration of his love for football and coaching. Finally, Baz Luhrman represents love in the film ‘Moulin Rouge’. Baz Luhrmann , Iago , Love 1102 Words | 3 Pages. essay on essay shawshank, A Different Kind of Love. Different Kind of Love Throughout time, men and women have struggled with the idea of love . Tragic Hero Essay! What is it?

How can I tell when I . feel it? Is it the same for everyone? While there are these questions, amongst many more, people will search and fight for a feeling they are uncertain of. Different people can express the great mystery that is love many different ways. Redemption! In both Ernest Hemingway's Hills Like White Elephants and Raymond Carter's What We Talk About When We Talk About Love , the authors explore.

2007 films , Drama films , English-language films 1852 Words | 5 Pages. Essay Analysis Paper University of tragic hero essay, Phoenix The essence of an essay is not so much about the shawshank weight of its contents but how it . captures the reader at the same time. As stated in lectures and course works, how essayists shape their work through artistic ability and grandparents, intent using many of the licenses bestowed on him or her from endless imaginative possibilities, and limitations to existing choices (used or not, popular or otherwise), through comparisons or contrasts, details, description, and always. Essay , Fiction , Narrative 675 Words | 3 Pages. Shawshank! ?Gessica Lourenco Miss Erin Loges English 9 2nd of March 2015 “Greater love ” essay The poem “Greater love ” was . written by the poet Wilfred Owen, during the World War I. Wilfred Owen participated in the First World War in 1917, which inspired him to steroids in sports thesis statement write poems like “Greater Love ” and essay about redemption, many others. He was a big nationalist and one of his beliefs was that the most important passion was the love that a man had for for your crush, his country. Owen believed that a man who sacrifices for his country could do anything. About Shawshank! Comparison , Global conflicts , Napoleonic Wars 1169 Words | 4 Pages.

Haozhao Zhang Geremy Carnes English 124 09/17/12 Definition paper (final draft) It must be a surprise if you are informed that the word . “ romance ” is social issue research paper topics, a literature genre which usually consist of adventure stories. You first reaction could be pointing out that it is me who was wrong about about, this definition by mentioning or quoting how people using this word in writing. But if you search for it in the dictionary or old novels before late 17th centuries, you would find that I’m telling you the truth. Fiction , Literary genre , Literary genres 1323 Words | 4 Pages. decided to social issue research paper topics type my English essay and post it here. this one's off the 2nd question (continuous writing). I chose the one-word topic . Love . Essay! This piece was written in 45 minutes (actually I had more time, I but I wasted too much time - some of it unnecessary - to think of real essay questions, what to write), so mind you, I was in quite a hurry. Personally, I don't think it's that good. About Shawshank! I really wish they gave us more time for this written paper for English. Could've produced a better essay with more time, I think. Research Topics! So. Essay Shawshank Redemption! Doubt , Heart , Human 959 Words | 3 Pages. A Mothers Love A mother’s love is like no other love on earth, and rights thesis, can make a person do things Everyone . Essay About Shawshank! else and even she did not expect her to be able to on importance of body language do.

This essay is about my Mom and her struggle to help me and my brother become the people we are today. Everyone told her that she could never do it, that she could never make it in a big city, But she proved them wrong. My moms name is Marcia Tula, she was born in Santiago, Chile. She and shawshank, my Grandma lived there. English-language films , Family , Father 1035 Words | 6 Pages. That feeling is love . However, when one is steroids in sports, forced to about redemption define love , he or she often turns to romance to find the . Social Issue! meaning. About Shawshank! It is described to social be everything pink and essay shawshank, pretty, full of paper, hearts, roses, cuddly stuffed animals, chocolates, kisses, and hugs.

Love is also expressed as the butterflies in the stomach, hair on essay about shawshank redemption, the back of the neck rising to the occasion, hesitant lump in social issue research paper, the throats, giddiness in the eyes, and essay shawshank redemption, fireworks in the hearts. However, love exists outside the research paper topics realm of essay shawshank redemption, romance . It is a chemistry. Emotion , Love , Outline of brutus essay quotes, self 1281 Words | 4 Pages. Our Love - Chapter One The valentines dance was coming up at Niall and Micayla's school. They were bestfriends. They both secretly liked . About Shawshank! eachother, but neither of them knew it. Micayla was just about to leave for school when she got a text from her bestfriend Niall. Niall(7:45am): hay gurl hay. Peterson To The Real Essay! uh, I know it's so close to the dance and all, but will you go with me? Just as friends though, haha. Micayla(7:45am): sure. I needed someone to go with, lol. and yeah, just as friends.. see you.

2000 albums , 2000 singles , 2002 albums 2111 Words | 6 Pages. Love plays a significant role in every human beings life. There are many different forms of love in a person’s life. Essay! A person . feels a different love for their friend then they do for an intimate lover. Social Issue Research Paper! They feel different love for essay about shawshank, their families and peterson to the real essay, parents then they feel for about redemption, animals or objects. Research Topics! An individual usually learns what love is from a young age, and it progresses as they get older. Some people have trouble experiencing some forms of love because they feel like they are unable to due to past. Agape , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 2175 Words | 6 Pages. Love And Friendship By Emily Bronet Essay Analysis. ? Love and shawshank, Friendship by Emily Bronte Love is like the thesis wild rose-briar, Friendship like the shawshank holly-tree The holly is dark when . the rose-briar blooms But which will bloom most constantly? The wild-rose briar is thesis, sweet in the spring, Its summer blossoms scent the air; Yet wait till winter comes again And who will call the wild-briar fair?

Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now And deck thee with the holly's sheen, That when December blights thy brow He may still leave thy garland green. INTRODUCTION. Emily Bronte , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 1599 Words | 6 Pages. Love by definition is an emotion explored in about, philosophy, religion, and literature, often as either romantic love , the fraternal . love of others, or the love of God based on the definition found in The Encarta Encyclopedia. As I explored the definition by means of the real essay questions Internet, books, and essay about shawshank, articles I noticed the definitions changed quite a bit, but yet had the same basic understanding. The definition I found in The Encarta Encyclopedia was probably the most simple and most basic.

It refers to brutus tragic hero love. Emotion , Family , Interpersonal relationship 1048 Words | 3 Pages. Helaine Olen, authors of Office Mate: The ..[-5] so Dating and romance in the workplace is an interesting topic that will cause quite a . discussion among many professionals and their coworkers. In the about redemption book titled Office Mate: The Employee Handbook for Finding and Managing Romance on the Job, 38% of essay, employees ages twenty- five to twenty-nine have had an office romance (Losee Olen, 2007, p. 55). Shawshank! Now, many individuals view office romances as an unavoidable trend as a result of people working together. Contract , Employment , Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 841 Words | 3 Pages. LOVE The uphill downfall. What is essay, love ? Is it scientific, humanistic, or is it holistic? We may never know, but we can . know what causes it and how it is created. Everyone wants an insight on essay shawshank redemption, how to keep the essay firing passion in their relationship, but what motivated me to learn more about this topic was my past relationship experiences; I wanted to redemption figure out how I fell in love and have an idea on why things ended the way they did.

Of course, there is no exact scientific reason why things. Emotion , Greek words for love , Interpersonal relationship 1256 Words | 4 Pages. Love Love is brutus tragic hero quotes, something that most humans look for in life because it comes with one of the shawshank redemption greatest amount of pleasure a . On Importance Of Body! human being can experience. The love for our mother and our entire families is shawshank redemption, one of the first thing a baby feels and as the years goes by we know that life is about two big thing: success in work field and being able to find people that will love you for who you are. Being able to thesis love is one of the most important thing because it can lead to a great amount of trust and. Shawshank Redemption! English-language films , Family , Homosexuality 2815 Words | 7 Pages. For some people love is a complete devotion and essay of body language, endless adoration, for others is essay shawshank redemption, a temporary feeling that will disappear in time. Essay On Importance! For some . Essay Shawshank Redemption! people it is a fairy-tale and for others it is a dream come true. Some people say love is once-in-a lifetime thing and others believe that after one love comes another.

The more you try to find a universal definition of steroids in sports statement, love – the more you get confused with all these words you get from different people around you. The more you think you get closer to the true. 2009 albums , Husband , Love 1113 Words | 3 Pages. ? Is It Love ? Jazmine M Hawkins Georgia Perimeter College Abstract This paper explores the findings of . multiple researchers’ theories of love ? It breaks down what we can be classified as passionate love and compassionate love ? What does love have to do with your attention span? Some researches define love scientifically saying that love is a production of a mixture of hormones and chemical reactants while others say love is self-defined and can only about, be judged. Grandparents Rights Thesis! Attachment theory , Developmental psychology , Human bonding 1362 Words | 4 Pages. ?Celine Wang Mr. About Shawshank! Johnson English II, Block A 6 February 2015 Types of Love in Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet, a play by William . Shakespeare, is arguably the epitome of love stories. Although often associated with romantic love , this tragedy also exemplifies unrequited, fraternal, and paternal love . One example of unrequited love is when Romeo mourns his love for thesis, Rosaline: ROMEO. Love is shawshank, a smoke made with the fume of sighs […] What is it else?

A madness most discreet, A choking gall. Benvolio , Characters in Romeo and crush, Juliet , Love 692 Words | 4 Pages. ?Introduction – Part 1: In writing this statement I will explore the ideas and customs associated with what love is known to be, with reason . and essay redemption, argument. I will mostly be analyzing romantic love , in thesis, relation to about redemption lovers. However with too much reasoning and argument comes confusion, so more argument than reasoning will be my approach. If you are not open to the negativities of love then my opinion has no value to you. For the positives of social, any topic are pleasing whether or not one can assimilate. Idea , Interpersonal relationship , Irrationality 1253 Words | 3 Pages. Love- An Extended Definition Essay. LOVE What is the essay about shawshank redemption definition of essay for your crush, love ? The formal definition states that love is; 1. Essay About! Intense affection, 2. On Importance! A feeling . of attraction resulting from sexual desire, and 3. Enthusiasm or fondness. Although these definitions are all true there is a deeper meaning to this word, this word can be a feeling, a choice, even a state of mind.

Love is a many splendid thing; you cannot live without it even if you try it is not possible. It is not possible to live without love because each and every person holds. 2006 singles , Emotion , English-language films 1377 Words | 4 Pages. Essay About Redemption! ? True Love From a simple mixture of sexual attraction and attachment to in sports a manifestation of the human soul, feelings of fierce romantic . desire boast no shortage of theories explaining their origin and meaning. Love is as much a mystery as it is familiar, highlighting a lack of insight into the human psyche. As man attempts to unravel the about redemption endless enigmas behind this apparently paradoxical emotion, more and more questions seem to arise. Rights! What is love's true purpose? Why does it begin?

How are. Affection , Emotion , Interpersonal relationship 1180 Words | 3 Pages. Love is a beautiful thing. Essay About Redemption! It makes people happy. It can change a person, and steroids, show someone things that they never knew about themselves.

It . lifts one up, knowing there is always someone who will stand by their side through anything. It brings people together, and makes the world a better place. Some people may disagree; they might think love is just a fantasy. Essay About! Either way, it is a fantasy that everyone deserves to dream of and experience in all its glory, whether straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual. Bisexuality , Heterosexism , Heterosexuality 1502 Words | 4 Pages. English 112 “Young Love Becomes True Love ” Have you heard the term ‘’high school sweethearts?’’ Well, just in gre answers essay questions, case you have . not, it is the significant other that you spent most of your high school career with. By staying with this person through good and bad times, and essay redemption, inspiring them to do better you are guaranteed the relationship will remain strong. Grandparents Rights Thesis! On the other hand, people feel you should grow and experience the world in about, order to gre answers to the real learn and understand the complexity of love . Shawshank! But how can we learn. 2005 singles , 2006 singles , Hypertension 1297 Words | 3 Pages. ?Elizabeth Juarez Mr. Sullivan English 1B 17 March 2015 “ Love Medicine” The story “ Love Medicine”, by Louise Erdrich, takes . place in the 1920s in essay language, North Dakota.

Lipsha Morrissey, who is the primary character, narrates in first person. From the beginning, Lipsha was taken in from his grandma and grandpa Kashpaw and by the looks of it, Lipsha is passionately loyal to his grandparents, especially to his grandma. His grandparents live in a town at a senior citizen home. His grandma is more of a determined. 2006 albums , Family , First aid 1746 Words | 5 Pages.

February 1st 2012 True Love and its Obstacles Love is one of the most important things to the survival of the essay about shawshank human race, . because it allows humans to issue research paper topics work together and essay about, connect with each other. To live life without love is not living a fulfilled life. Brutus Tragic Essay Quotes! Finding true love may seem like the difficult part of a relationship with another human being, but the obstacle that hinders the relationship coming together is the shawshank redemption most difficult part. My essay will explore the theme “true love ” and the obstacles that. Brothers Grimm , Cinderella , English-language films 1739 Words | 4 Pages. Two Love stories Nicole Morris Tuesdays and essay on importance of body, Thursdays 9:00 A.M Classes April 27 2010 Essay Four Audience Analysis My . Shawshank! audience for essay for your, this essay is the about shawshank young students at Enterprise State Community College, who enjoy a good love story about issue paper, young love . I hope my essay will tell the key points of the similarities and differences of two major love stories that became movies in essay shawshank, the end of the twentieth century, and open their eyes to what makes a love story.

That is not just the good times, but. 2007 films , 20th century , Difference 1323 Words | 4 Pages. Tales or Reality “And they lived happily ever after. ”. All of us have either had fairy tales read to us as child or have either watched movies . that have the same affect on our thought process. In the story, “The Love of My Life”, it is obvious that the two teenagers' love for each other colors everything around them. It also colors how they view life. You will see how their misconceptions of life have come about. The story tells of two teenagers' concept of a perfect world. Then their perfect. Arrest , Bradley Whitford , Eddie Vedder 1284 Words | 3 Pages. Grandparents Thesis! ?Name: Professor Name: Class: Phil 186 Date: November 4, 2014 Essay 2: Capitalism A Love Story In the documentary film . “Capitalism a love story” Michael Moore demonstrates the failure of Capitalism as an economic system in America. Shawshank! The movie explores what capitalism is, who benefits and who get hurt by it.

The film clearly shows how capitalism was hijacked by special interests and how it decimated the middle class, making it so much smaller while at the same time enlarging the poor underclass. Capitalism , Debt , Documentary film 1813 Words | 7 Pages. ?Asia Bembry English 115 Dr. Steroids In Sports Thesis Statement! Crossley December 10, 2014 All the essay Same Just in a Different Time What makes a classic? Classic is memorable and a good example . of its kind. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot is a classic because the thoughts the speaker is sharing, the emotions he is feeling, are transcendent. Having deep inner thoughts about the on importance of body language self while observing what is about, happening in the surroundings is an experience to which a lot of people from any time or generation could relate. Portrait of a Lady , T. Crush! S. Essay About Shawshank Redemption! Eliot , The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 1153 Words | 4 Pages. Love has no age When talking about for your crush, choosing a girlfriend or a boyfriend or a partner for company in the life, people will always consider . the age of the person they are falling in essay about shawshank redemption, love with. Grandparents Rights Thesis! Age is essay shawshank, a hot topic in marriage. This essay is talking about steroids thesis, a concept that once two people who are both in essay about shawshank, genuine love and steroids thesis statement, audacious, age does nothing to their romance . It is based on essay shawshank, a short novel, Audacious, Brock Adams.

This novel connects with concept of love has no age as expressed in the Gerald. Interpersonal relationship , Love , Lust 1304 Words | 3 Pages. Detailed Essay : Name: Outline: Thesis statement: __________________________________ . _____________________________________________________________ Support 1: _________________________________ (This will be your topic sentence for body paragraph 1) Recognize 1a: ____________________________________________ Recognize 1b: ____________________________________________ Support 2: __________________________________________ (This will be your topic sentence for body paragraph. Gre Answers Essay Questions! Abuse , Child abuse 755 Words | 7 Pages. schoolmates from Ateneo Municipal. | Plaza de Cataluna | * Where his friends held him a welcome party in Barcelona. | El Amor Patrio | * . Love of Country * Essay he wrote when he was 21. * First nationalistic essay | Sacrifices | * Youth * Pleasures * Splendor of genius * Life | Laong Laan | * Pseudonym he used when he wrote Love of Country. | Tierra Extranjera | * Term he used to refer to Spain. | Universidad Central de Madrid | * Where he enrolled in philosophy. Anthropology , Ateneo de Manila University , Jose Rizal 1253 Words | 4 Pages. Rachael Murphy Period 5 3/17/09 “Hear Me As I Am” “What’s that you’re playing on the piano, Aubrey?” I asked my friend at essay about, a sleepover at her house. . “It’s ‘ Love Song’ by Sara Bareilles.” “Oh, I haven’t heard of that.” Little did I know I had heard that song before – I just didn’t recognize it.

A few weeks passed and grandparents thesis, I recognized a certain type of essay about shawshank, piano playing on the radio. Aubrey plays this song, I realized. I listened to the song and I remember loving it and wanting to listen to it again. Friendship , Human , Interpersonal relationship 880 Words | 3 Pages. Love in the Time of Cholerais not an engrossing love story as some will tell you; it is peterson essay, nothing more than a brilliant . essay on the illusions of love . Set in the late 1800?s, Florentino Ariza falls in essay about, love with Fermina Daza, they have a three year long affair in letters and then she ends it with one short phrase: “What is essay on importance language, between us is nothing more than an illusion,” and then marries another. Fifty one years, nine months, and about redemption, four days later, her husband Dr. Juvenal Urbino dies and issue research paper topics, her teenage flame. About Shawshank Redemption! Academy Award for Best Actress , Interpersonal relationship , Love 929 Words | 3 Pages. Medieval Romance played a big role in idealizing Chivalry.

It mostly focuses on the hero and essay of body, his noble deeds. The story,'' Federigo’s Falcon,'' . Redemption! was written in the 1350’s in Florence, Italy by language, Giovanni Boccaccio. ''Le Morte D'Arthur'' was written in the1450's in essay about shawshank, England by Sir Thomas Malory. Both Ferdrigo and Sir Lancelot have strong chivalric qualities and real essay questions, are seen as heroes in about redemption, both but today chivalry is no longer existent due to the changes of our lifestyle. Medieval romance usually idealizes chivalry. For Your Crush! Courtly love , Guinevere , King Arthur 1007 Words | 3 Pages. the music video, ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta and essay about shawshank, Sia, the novel, ‘The Curious Incident of the steroids in sports statement Dog in the Night-time’ by essay about shawshank, Mark Haddon, the for your film, ‘The Boy in . the Striped Pyjamas’ Directed by Mark Hermon, and my personal choice, the music video, ‘Same Love ’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I believe that these four text all display the common theme of ‘Through Young Eyes’ because they all show the way that young minds see their surroundings in a unique and about redemption, different way to adults. Personally, I believe.

Adolescence , Childhood , Close-up 1089 Words | 3 Pages. Symbolism in O Henry's A Romance of a Busy Broker and A Service of Love settings of most his stories by on importance of body language, giving the reader a visual of the senses he wrote about. In the stories A Romance of redemption, a Busy Broker and A . Service of Love which were written by O Henry, both are influenced by O Henry's life and talents. Also used in his stories were many literary elements such as, characterization, situational irony, symbolism, and social issue paper topics, foreshadowing. About Redemption! In the story A Romance of a Busy Broker, Harvey Maxwell an old, very busy Manhattan broker becomes overwhelmed with work and becomes.

Academy Award for Best Actress , Fiction , Guy de Maupassant 1447 Words | 4 Pages. SEXUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE Licresha Pierce Strayer University Professor Honore Workplace romance exists when two members of the same . organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction. Individuals who develop workplace romances may cause damages to morale and productivity. However companies are still confused whether or not they should interfere in brutus quotes, the romantic relationship. Many companies are trying to figure out what department should get involved and what policies should be set. Abuse , Bullying , Employment 2009 Words | 6 Pages. Essay About Shawshank! The Quest for grandparents rights, Romance, Riches, and Power in Cinderella The Quest for Romance , Riches, and Power in “Cinderella” Cinderella is often read and remembered as a tale about a girl who loses a . glass slipper at essay shawshank redemption, a king’s ball, and the prince sets out to find the mystery girl to marry her.

However, after reading the peterson to the real essay version included in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, I found that there is about, much more to the story than that by looking at of body, it from different perspectives. In Maria Tatar’s An Introduction To Fairy Tales, the principle in her essay that I chose to about shawshank analyze. Issue Research Paper Topics! Brothers Grimm , Cinderella effect , Fairy tale 1900 Words | 5 Pages. ?Year 9 English Essay Task “The concepts of love and war are similar but in the variant contexts they can also reflect . divergent ideas.” The concepts of love and war are inextricably linked with the essay about similar attributes and emotions that are concomitant to each idea, however their paradoxical relationship suggests divergent ideas when involved in variant contexts. The love poem, ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ by Robert Browning conflates passion and violence, reflecting notions of obsessions, hunger for. Death , Emotion , Greek loanwords 838 Words | 3 Pages. MCO473: Sex, Love , Romance in gre answers to the real, the Mass Media • FALL 2009 • Dr.

Mary-Lou Galician STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM #1 (MIDTERM EXAM) . About! TUESDAY, October 6, 2009 — 3:00 P.M. Essay For Your Crush! SHARP* 75 items (2 points each: possible total = 150 points) — 50 minutes *If you come to essay about shawshank the exam after even just ONE student has completed the exam and left the brutus tragic hero essay room, we cannot let you take this exam (and you will have 75 points deducted from your total course points) — SO BE ON TIME! You also cannot leave the exam and return. Love , Marshall McLuhan , Mass media 5711 Words | 20 Pages. Love can last a lifetime if you are willing to understand that it requires maintenance. Ups and downs, meeting in the middle, sacrificing.. Essay Redemption! . Just don’t give up. -- Some things just aren’t meant to last. They take up a little space in your heart and leave you a little smarter for next time. -- ------------------------------------------------- You can leave me Take away all that I have You can want me Love me for who I am Choices, romance Takin' me high in brutus hero, the air Flying, so scared Afraid.

Can't Help Falling in Love , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1068 Words | 7 Pages. Love : What It Really Means What is love ? When someone tells you that they love you, how are you supposed to . Shawshank Redemption! respond? There sometimes seems to be no way to decipher the implication behind the words I love you. When one loves someone or something, to what extent is their desire? It would be ideal if the English language could have more words for love . Essay Of Body! Love is redemption, so complicated in brutus tragic, and of itself, that even if you were to have different words; it would still be challenging to clarify. Because the English. Agape , Emotion , Friendship 905 Words | 3 Pages. is the theme of love . Philia, Eros, and Agape are the three types of love present in the play and are what represent the theme . of love . These three types of love , Philia, Eros, and Agape are expressed by the different characters in the play. The expression of the theme of love in essay shawshank, the play is not just there by accident; William Shakespeare put it in this comedic and romantic play with a purpose. Philia is one of the three kinds of love expressed in the play. The type of love that Philia represents.

Agape , Friendship , Greek words for love 1173 Words | 3 Pages. Of Body Language! Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and essay redemption, attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (I love my mother) to . pleasure (I loved that meal). It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.[1] It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and essay for your, affection—the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.[2] It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.[3] . Attachment theory , Friendship , Interpersonal relationship 1862 Words | 6 Pages. from interpersonal affection (I love my mother) to pleasure (I loved that meal). It can refer to an emotion of essay shawshank, a strong attraction and . personal attachment.[1] It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and steroids in sports thesis, affection—the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.[2] It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one's self or animals.[3] Ancient Greeks identified four forms of love : kinship or familiarity (in Greek.

Attachment theory , Friendship , Human bonding 942 Words | 4 Pages. Running Head: LOVE What’s Love Got to Do with It? Kathryn Barr Dr. Salome Dubenetzky PSY 301 . January 7, 2013 LOVE Attraction is defined as a person or thing that draws, attracts, allures, or entices; a characteristic or quality that provides pleasure, an attractive feature. Initially because of this attraction two people who are mutually attracted will begin or a friendship. In the beginning of a relationship love is strong and it. Essay About! Interpersonal attraction , Interpersonal relationship , Love 1594 Words | 5 Pages.

The Power of Love and Passion Essay Jesse Chamberlain What is “ Love ”? In today’s world “ love ” . is a commonly used term, referring to what think is just a relationship based on affection for steroids statement, another person or liking something a lot; but what does “ love ” actually mean. Love has so many levels of complexity than people believe it to have. The ancient Greeks saw this complexity and shawshank, believed that love could be split into four words that embodied what, love was thought to mean. These words were Agape. Agape , Friendship , Greek alphabet 1010 Words | 3 Pages. Tu/Thu 10/5/10 What is for your crush, Love ? Love is one of the most difficult words to redemption define. I challenge you to try. You can even . go the easy way and simply Google the word “ love ”. What you will find is not one but hundreds of definitions along with countless books, movies, and songs all having to steroids in sports thesis do with love . The reason why it is so hard to essay redemption define love is because there are different forms/stages of essay on importance language, love and there are so many things that love can consist of.

Also, love can have a different definition. Aerosmith , Definition , Interpersonal relationship 1007 Words | 3 Pages.

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Essay on “Indian Textile Industry” (4060 Words) The cotton industry is the largest organized industry in the country in essay shawshank, terms of employment (nearly 1 million workers) and number of units. Image Source: Cotton textile is an indigenous industry because it was started and essay developed by pre dominantly Indian capital and entrepreneurship. At present India stands third in the world in the production of cotton textile. It is one of the largest industries in terms of essay, employment and grandparents industrial production.

The cotton textile industry is the oldest and single largest industry of India. Directly or indirectly, more than 15 million people depend on this industry. About Redemption? About 20% of brutus tragic hero essay, all the industrial labour works in redemption, the cotton textile industry. Kawasji Dhaber started first successful cotton textile mill on modern lines in Mumbai in 1854. Later, two factories – Shahpur mill and in sports thesis statement Calico mill – were established in essay redemption, Ahmedabad. By 1879-80, there were 58 mills in the country. World wars gave impetus to the industry and the number of mills went up to 423 in 1947. The industry suffered a great setback due to partition of the country. India got 409 mills with 27 per cent of cotton producing area after partition.

After Independence this industry flourished well and the number of mills reached 1782 in 1998. Of this, 192 mills were in public sector, 151 in cooperative sector, and 1439 mills in peterson to the essay, private sector. Besides these, handlooms and power looms increased phenomenally during this period. Cotton cloth is produced in three sectors: (i) mills, (ii) powerlooms, and (iii) handlooms. Cotton accounts for more than 73 per cent of the total fibre consumption in the spinning mills and more than 58% of the total fibre consumption in the textile sector. The decentralised powerloom sector plays a vital role in meeting the needs of the country. Contribution of this sector to the total cloth production of the country is 59.2 per cent. The powerloom industry produces a wide variety of clothes, both grey as well as processed with intricate designs.

Handloom sector provides employment to over 65 lakh persons and constitutes nearly 19 per cent of the total cloth produced in the country. Location of Cotton Textile Industry : The location of redemption, cotton textile industry depends upon several factors, important among them being supply of raw materials, fuel, chemicals, machinery, labour, transport and market. Any of these factors may determine the location of this industry. In India, the localisation of the steroids in sports thesis statement cotton mill industry has been brought about chiefly by essay three factors, viz. market, abundant raw material and ease of importing machinery and mill stores from abroad. Because of its large population and location in tropical and sub­tropical latitudes, India possesses huge market for essay of body language cotton cloth. Cotton is a pure raw material and there is no difference in transport costs of cotton or finished cloth. Large centres of cotton textile industry have developed where cotton is abundant.

Before the about shawshank redemption start of to the real, mill industry, practically all cotton was brought to Mumbai for export, and therefore it was readily available to mills located there. It had also the advantage of importing machinery and mill stores from about shawshank, abroad. Required capital was also readily available. By the end of the 19th century, Mumbai, with 82 mills, claimed more than half of the tragic essay installed capacity of essay about shawshank redemption, India. But after 1921, dispersal of industry set in. The initial dispersal was due to the penetration of railway lines into peninsular region. Rights? New centres like Coimbatore, Madurai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Indore, Solapur and Vadodara were favourably located in respect of raw material, market and labour than the places of original locations. Cotton textile industry also reached places, with additional advantages, such as nearness to coal mines (Nagpur), excellent financial facilities (Kanpur), and wide market with port facility (Kolkata). Development of hydroelectric power in the country also favoured the dispersal of the textile industry. The extraordinary rapid expansion of the spinning mills in Tamil Nadu, particularly in Coimbatore, Madurai and Tirunelveli was boosted by the completion of the Pykara project and readiness of the local industrialists to take advantages of the new source of power. The industry has also shifted from regions of high labour cost to those of low cost.

Hence, after 1933 new cotton mills were located at Madurai, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Ujjain, Bharuch, Agra, Hathras, etc. India is the largest producer of cotton textiles in the world, producing more than even USA and Russia. At present there are 1166 cotton textiles mills throughout the country, producing more than 2000 crore metres of cloth annually. The cotton textile industry is developed in essay about shawshank, most parts of the country, but most of the mills are concentrated in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and statement Tamil Nadu. 1. Mumbai (known as Lancashire of India), in Maharashtra, is redemption, one of the largest centres of the on importance cotton textile industry. There are 122 cotton mills in Mumbai. About? The other important centres in brutus quotes, Maharashtra are Solapur, Pune, Nagpur, Yavatmal, Akola and Nashik. 2. Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, is the second largest cotton-manufacturing city in India.

There are 118 cotton mills in Ahmedabad. Although these mills are smaller is size than those in Mumbai, they specialize in liner textile. Ahmedabad is essay shawshank redemption, famous for steroids statement the manufacture of essay shawshank redemption, dhotis and sarees. Ahmedabad is known as the “Manchester of India”. It has the rights thesis same advantages as Mumbai except for harbour facilities. But it is not far from the port facilities of Mumbai and Kandla and so it avails the services of import and export of both these ports. The other important centres for the cotton textile industry in Gujarat are Vadodara and Surat. 3. Shawshank? Tamil Nadu has the essay largest number of cotton mills in essay shawshank, the country. It is the third largest producer of cotton textiles in the country. The largest number of mills are however, in the city of Coimbatore which has over 200 small and big factories. Most of these mills are spinning mills and manufacture yarn of different grades.

Weaving is done mostly by handloom and powerloom sectors. The important cotton textile centres in Tamil Nadu are Coimbatore. Madurai. Salem. Tirunelveli and Tuticorin in. The mills in Tamil Nadu are small but they concentrate on spinning which provides yarn. 4. One of the other important centres for cotton textiles is of body, Kolkata in West Bengal with 32 mills. Essay About Redemption? It enjoys all the advantages of Mumbai and Ahmedabad except the availability of raw cotton in this region. Raw cotton has to be brought from distant cotton-growing region of the Deccan Plateau.

5. Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is the most important cotton-manufacturing centre in the state. Essay Of Body Language? It is known as the “Manchester of Northern India”. It takes advantage of redemption, cheap labour and wide market in the densely populated Northern Plain of India, and cheap transport through the network of railways. 6. Essay? Gwalior, Indore and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh are some of the other important cotton- manufacturing centres of India. India is one of the largest exporter of essay, cotton goods in the world but it faces stiff competition from Taiwan, Korea and Japan which have the advantage of latest machinery and lower prices. India exports cotton goods to countries of to the, Asia and Africa. Thus, India’s cotton textile industry generates foreign exchange, provides employment to millions of about shawshank, people and supports other industries like chemicals for dyeing and bleaching, packaging and transport. In north, this industry is localised in western Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur with 14 mills is the largest centre.

Modinagar, Moradabad, Hathras, Saharanpur, Aligarh, Agra, Lucknow and Varanasi are worth mentioning. In West Bengal, cotton textile mills are located in the Hughli region. Haora, Serampur, Kolkata and Shyamnagar are important centres. This region is known for hosiery industry. Handloom and Powerloom Industries : Along with mills have flourished in peterson questions, north eastern cotton growing tract of about redemption, Karnataka. Davangere, Hubli, Bellary, Mysore and Bangalore are important centres. Cotton textile mills in Andhra Pradesh are concentrated in the cotton growing Telangana region. Most of them are spinning mills. Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Warangal and. Guntur are important centres.

Handloom weaving is one of the largest economic activity after agriculture providing direct and grandparents indirect employment to more than 43 lakh weavers and allied workers. This sectors contributes nearby 15% of the cloth production in the country. Essay About Shawshank? The sector has 23.77 lakh handlooms. During 2011-12 production in the sector reported to be 5178 million sqr. Meters In addition to various on-going schemes and programmes. The Government has launched Deen Dayal Hathkargha Protshan Yojana, set up a National centre for Textile Design recently and has introduced a scheme for reimbursement of essay, CENVAT on Hand Yarn.

The decentralised powerloom sector plays a pivotal role in meeting the clothing needs of the country. The estimated number of power dooms in decentralized sector in the country till 31-08-11 was 2298050. The contribution of essay about shawshank, powerloom sector to the total cloth production of the country is to the extent of 62% and it contributes significantly to the export earnings of the hero quotes country. The handicraft sector enjoys a special significance in essay shawshank, the country’s economy. The office of the development commissioner (Handicrafts) has been implementing various development schemes at social issue paper, the central level to supplement the efforts of the states in the handicrafts sector. Man-made Yarn and Filament Yarn:

The industry comprises fibre and filament yarn manufacturing units of essay about shawshank, cellulosic origin. This industry has a vital role to play in the textile industry in the sense that above 39% of the raw material consumed is manufactured by the man-made fibre/yarn industry. The industry contributes over 34 per peterson gre answers real questions, cent of the essay about raw material consumption of textile mills in India. The Indian textile industry contributes substantially to India’s export earnings. At present, the exports of textile (including handicrafts coir and jute) accounts for peterson to the real questions about 24.46% of the total exports from India and are the largest net foreign exchange earner for the country as the import content in textile goods is very little as compared to essay about shawshank redemption, other major export products. Yarn, cotton fabrics, man-made yarn and fabrics, wool and silk fabrics, made ups and garments are exported. The Jute industry in the country is steroids statement, traditionally export oriented.

This is the second important industry, next to cotton textile. In the world perspective, India is the major producer of both raw jute and jute products. Out of the total world production of Jute Kenaf and allied fiber of about shawshank redemption, 3.0 million tonnes in 2007-08, India produced 1.8 million tonnes. In percentage terms India accounted for steroids in sports thesis 60%, of world production. There are 83 composite jute mills in India. Out of the total 83 Jute mills, 64 jute mills are located in West Bengal, 3 each in Bihar and UP. Essay About Redemption? 7 in Andhra Pradesh and 1 each in Assam and peterson real essay questions Tripura. As on 3.1.2010 total number of looms installed in the jute industry stood at 48245 consisting 23372 Hessian looms 22148 sacking looms 1058 CBC looms and other at 1060.

India ranks number one in raw jute goods production and number two in export of jute goods in the world. Jute is the head of the family of fibres and about also the toughest of them all, and as an industrial fibre. It has unrivalled qualities as a packaging material for the heavy work of trade and industry. The industry is rights, concentrated mainly in areas where the raw material is produced and is cheap as it cannot bear the cost of transportation over shawshank long distances. Cheap labour and availability of port facility at Kolkata have also been important factors in thesis, localisation of the industry in West Bengal. The raw jute which is the chief raw material of this industry is a “pure raw material” as it imparts full weight to the finished products. The loss of essay redemption, weight in the process of manufacture is almost negligible.

The greatest concentration of the industry occurs in grandparents rights, the Hooghli river basin in West Bengal, within a radius of 60 kms of Kolkata, because it accounts for 90 per cent of India’s output of raw jute. The network of waterways which connect the most important jute growing regions of Bengal offer favourable facilities for assemblage and essay about shawshank redemption transportation of raw jute from essay for your, centre of production to centre of manufacture. The availability of coal as source of power from Asansol and Raniganj has been important factor. Port facility of Kolkata and humid climate necessary for jute manufacture have provided favourable position. Most of the jute mills in West Bengal are located along the about Hughli River. Factors responsible for their concentration here are location of jute producing areas close to the jute mills and inexpensive water transport. Availability of abundant water for processing of jute is also very important. Cheap labour, banking, insurance facilities and port facilities for export of jute products are the other factors.

The greatest concentration of mills lies within 24 kms belt extending from Rishra on the north bank to Naihati in the south. The important centre of the mills are Rishra Titlagarh, Budge-Budge, and Howrah etc. There has been slight dispersion of the jute industry from West Bengal to essay for your crush, other states. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa have number of jute mills. Further dispersal of about shawshank, jute mills are possible if jute cultivation are encouraged in other states.

The goods like gunny bags, carpets, tarpaulin and canvas are the chief products of jute industry. Fine yarn is blended with other fibres like silk and social paper cotton to produce better quality cloth. Jute industry has been one of the important foreign exchange earners in the country. At present among the shawshank redemption various problems facing the tragic essay quotes jute industry is its dependence upon raw jute from essay about redemption, Bangladesh. It is also facing problems because of very stiff competition from the synthetic fibres which are cheaper than jute fibres and goods. The government set up in 1971 the Jute Corporation of India Ltd to stablise the prices of essay of body language, raw jute at essay shawshank redemption, remunerative levels and to market jute goods abroad.

To offset the harmful effects of the decline in the export of gre answers questions, jute goods, new uses of jute goods are being found. As a measure to use jute in non-packaging sectors, the government has under taken a number of steps for diversification. The most important aspect of the diversification programme is the UNDP assisted National Jute programme under which assistance of the order of US dollar 230 lakh from UNDP is being utilised by about shawshank redemption providing matching inputs from the Government of India. To fulfill these objectives the National Centre for jute diversification has been set up. Before independence and even afterwards the jute industry brought sizeable amount of foreign exchange from export. Steroids In Sports Thesis Statement? At present, the industry faces a number of challenges. Demand for jute carpets and packing materials needs to be promoted. High production cost and stiff competition in international market have reduced the overall demand for jute products. Synthetic substitutes are also posing problems for the industry. The main buyers of Indian jute products are the United States of America, Canada, Russia, United Arab Republic, Australia and United Kingdom.

Importance of Jute Industry: The Jute sector has been playing an important role in the economy of the country in general and the eastern region in essay shawshank redemption, particular. About four million farmers, most of them small and marginal, are engaged in the cultivation of Jute and Mesta and crush about two lakh workers are employed in Jute industry. For ensuring the mandatory percentage of packaging of sugar and food grains in Jute bags, the essay shawshank redemption Government has issued an brutus hero essay order under the Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory Use in about shawshank, Packing Commodities) Act, 1987 (JPM). It is one of the oldest Textile Industry. The first woollen industry was set up in Kanpur in 1876. India being a tropical country, the need for woollens is limited to the winter months in northern India. As a result this industry is grandparents rights, not well-developed. In addition, indigenous wool is of poor quality so we depend on countries like U.K. and Australia to meet our needs of essay shawshank redemption, raw material. The requirements for the woollen textile industry are wool, wool waste and rags, and plenty of soft water for of body language the processing and dyeing of wool. The woollen industry is market oriented and so more than 80% of the mills are located in northern India.

Punjab and Haryana are the most important states for this industry. The important centres in these states are Dhariwal, Amritsar and Ludhiana. The other important centres in other parts of the country are Delhi, Srinagar, Kanpur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Gwalior, Chennai and essay shawshank redemption Kolkata. These centres make fine woollen textiles using imported wool. Shahjahanpur, Agra and Mirzapur are the important centres in Uttar Pradesh. Ahmedabad and Jamnagar belong to paper topics, Gujarat.

Panipat and Gurgaon are the centres of Haryana. Bikaner and Jaipur in Rajasthan are other important centres. Shawshank Redemption? Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, and Bangalore in Karnataka are also important woollen producing centres in the country. Hosiery producing units are located primarily in Punjab. Haryana and Tamil Nadu. Good quality raw wool is imported from Australia. Indian woollen goods are exported to the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada and several European countries. Shortage of raw wool, lack of internal market and low quality of woollen products are some of the problems of this industry. India is essay for your crush, well-known for the production of silk and silk goods. Four varieties of silk, namely mulberry, tasar, eri muga are produced in the country.

There are about 90 silk textile mills; there are also small and medium units engaged in the production of silk textiles. India produces about 8.5 lakh kg. of silk yarns. More than nine-tenth of the production comes from Karnataka, West Bengal, and Jammu and Kashmir. Main silk manufacturing centres in essay about, Karnataka are Bangalore, Kolar, Mysore and crush Belgaum, Murshidabad and Bankura in West Bengal, Anantnag, Baramula and about shawshank Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. The silk industry is a cottage industry with an peterson real essay questions agricultural base and “plays a very important role in the economy of the country. It provides employment to over 4.5 million people. There are two types of sericulture – mulberry and non-mulberry. The mulberry sector is better organised and accounts for nearly 90% of the natural silk produced in India. India enjoys the distinction of being the only country producing all the five known commercial varieties of silk, viz. Mulberry, Tropical Tassar, Oak Tassar, Eri and Muga (of which the essay about redemption golden yellow muga silk being unique to India.

India continues to be the second largest producer of silk in the world. Among the four of silk in the world. Among the four varieties of silk produced as 2010-11. Social Issue Research Paper? Mulberry accounts for about shawshank 80.2% (16360 MT) Eri 13.5% (1260 MT) Tasar 5.7% (1166MT) and Mung 0.6%, (124MT), of the total raw silk Production. Mulberry silk is produced in Karnataka, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. The non-mulberry silk like the tasar, eri and muga are produced in essay on importance of body language, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Meghalaya. Essay About? West Bengal produces both mulberry and tussar silk.

The important silk-weaving centres are Bangalore and Mysore in Karnataka, Kamrup and essay for your crush Navgaon in Assam, Murshidabad and essay Bankura in West Bengal, Hazaribagh, Bhagalpur in Bihar and Ranchi in Jharkhand, Jammu and Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Coimbatore, Salem, Tirunelveli and Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, Ludhiana, Jallandhar and Amritsar in Punjab, Warangal in Andhra Pradesh and Mumbai, Pune and Solapur in Maharashtra. Indian silk is in great demand in Europe and Asia. The United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Singapore are the major importers of silk dress materials. The Indian silk industry has tough competition with China, Thailand and Italy. Tassar silk is being promoted as ‘Green Silk’ and ‘Organic Silk’ in the domestic and export markets.

India is the second largest producer of silk and contributes about 18 per cent to the total raw silk production. In 2011-12 India’s raw silk production touched 23,000 tons, rising at a year- on-year rate of 12.6 percent. Under the 12 th plan, the thesis statement government has proposed spending Rs. 27.99 billion for enhancing mulberry silk production in the country. The proposed sum is 2.5 times higher than the 11th plan. This sector employs 6 million people, mainly in rural areas. The export basket consists of Natural Silk Yarn Fabrics, Made-ups, Ready Made Garments, Silk Carpets and Silk Waste. The government has launched the Silk Mark Scheme for the board promotion of silk and introduced the Central Bank Board (Amendment) Bill 2005 for regulating the quality of Silk Worm Seeds in parliament in August 2005.

The man-made fibres of rayon, Terylene, Dacron and nylon are collectively known as synthetic fibres. Rayon is about redemption, made from cellulose which is obtained from wood pulp Terylene from oil and nylon from coal. Human-made fibres form an essay for your crush important segment of our textiles industry. Special qualities like strength, durability, dye ability and workability of essay about shawshank redemption, synthetic fibres revolutionised the textile industry. They are derived from wood pulp, coal and petroleum through chemical processes. For better finish, they are often mixed with natural fibres like cotton, silk and wool. Synthetic fibres are widely used in manufacturing of fabrics because of their inherent strength, durability, washability and resistance to shrinkage. These fabrics are equally popular in urban and rural areas. Though nylon industry in India developed after the Second World War, it grew rapidly in 1960s obtaining feedstock from petroleum refineries. Units of manufacturing nylon filament and polyester filament yarns are at Kota, Pimpri, Mumbai, Modinagar, Pune, Ujjain, Nagpur and Udhna.

Acrylic staple fibre is manufactured at Kota and Vadodara. Plants of polyester staple fibre are at Thane, Ghaziabad, Manali, Kota and Vadodara. Production of synthetic fibres was 1567 thousand tonnes in 2000-01. The Vardhaman Acrylics Limited commissioned a 16,500 tonnes acrylic plant during 2000-01. Plants manufacturing fibre intermediates also made remarkable progress. They produced 2385 thousand tonnes in 2000-01. The Haldia Petrochemicals Limited has increased the capacity of the existing plants.

Besides these major products, petrochemical industries produced 77 tonnes of elastomers and to the essay questions 359 tonnes of synthetic detergents in 2000-01. The Khadi and Handloom Industry is a very important industry in India. It produces more than one-third of the essay about shawshank cloth manufactured in the country. It includes cotton, woollen and silk textiles. Steroids In Sports Thesis Statement? This is a labour-intensive industry which provides full-time or part-time employment to a large number of people who can supplement their meagre incomes. More people are employed in essay about, this sector than the total number of persons employed in organized industries and mining put together.

This can help us understand the importance of this industry in our economy. Historical Importance of Khadi: In our independence (swadeshi) movement, this simple industry proved formidable for the British and embodied the in sports thesis quiet determination and self-dependence of the Indian masses. About? Gandhiji’s charkha on which he spun yarn everyday and encouraged everyone to do so became the inspiring symbol of the Indian flag in essay on importance of body, 1921. Problems of the Khadi and Handloom Industry: This industry is facing a number of problems which has adversely affected its development. 1. The quantity, quality and availability of raw materials is very unreliable and unsatisfactory. 2. The looms are outdated and the products do not satisfy the changing tastes and fashions. 3. The craftsmen are poor and lacking in technical knowledge to modernize their equipment. There are no proper facilities for about shawshank cheap credit.

4. The khadi and handloom products face stiff competition from hero essay quotes, mill-made cloth. 5. Shawshank? The industry is paper topics, unable to maintain the standard and quality of its products. 6. The marketing of the khadi and handloom products is not organized. Governmental Measures to Promote the Khadi Industry: Under the Five Year Plans, the Government has set up the All India Handloom Board, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission to improve, develop and modernize this important industry. They have taken many specific measures for its improvement. 1. The use of handloom products are encouraged by the government for redemption its use and it issues special orders for their supply,

2. A cess has been levied on corresponding mill-cloth. The revenue that the cess yields is used for the development of the handloom industry. 3. Certain limits of production have been reserved for the handloom industry. For example there is essay for your crush, a limit placed on the production of sarees by mills. 4. Assistance is available to improve their techniques of production and management. 3. Special provisions have been made to provide financial aid. 6. Industrial estates and rural industrial projects have been set up. Industrial cooperatives have been organized to shawshank redemption, provide support to the workers.

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